Tuesday, January 17th, 2017

Wolcott to lose 100 Electromark jobs

The company had undergone ownership changes and expansions over the years and few had seen what was to be announced to employees last Thursday (10/17). Electromark, a 40 year-old leading provider of high quality, durable signs, labels and tags for the utility industry would be pulling out of its Wolcott facility. The manufacturing jobs for about 100 employees would be heading to Mexico.

In a statement issued this past week, the Milwaukee based owner announced:

In order to accommodate future growth and continue to best serve its customers, Brady Corporation has decided to transfer Wolcott operations (manufacturing and distribution) over the next 12 months from its current location in Wolcott, NY to its new manufacturing facility located in Mexico. Customer service will begin transitioning sooner than operations, and will relocate to Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The decision to make this move was based on a number of factors, most importantly, the need to leverage assets and other investments they are making to meet existing and future customer demands, while at the same time control our overall costs in order to continue to provide their customers with competitive products and services.

This transition will impact approximately 100 employees currently working at the Wolcott facility. Some employees will have the opportunity to move to other Brady locations, others will be given fair and comprehensive severance packages based on their length of service that will include compensation and job placement assistance.

The company knows that this is difficult news for impacted employees and their families, and they have tried to give them as much advance notice of the change as possible. Management is committed to working with these employees throughout the transition period. Electromark® provides identification solutions for the harsh, outdoor environment. With over 40 years of experience in the utility market, Electromark is the leading provider of electric utility. The company, founded over 40 years ago, was acquired by Brady Corporation in 2005.

According to Wayne County Economic Development Executive Director Peg Churchill, the announcement came as a complete surprise. “We have made five business retention trips to Electromark in the past 18 months, face-to-face meetings. I also know when out-of-state heads make a decision, it is just part of the corporate process. Corporations review these decisions without looking at the local communities. They consider only a couple of factors when they make these decisions.” Churchill said the bad news comes after the state announced the closure of the Butler Correctional Facility, affecting more local jobs in Butler and Wolcott.

Wolcott Town Supervisor, Kim Park, found out shortly after the employees were called together for the announcement last Thursday. “These people (the employees) live and shop right in the town. No one heard any rumblings of this. It was so surprising to me,” said Park.