Sunday, September 24th, 2017

What landed on the Wrights’ roof?

The strange orange canopy went unnoticed at first. A neighbor of John and Sharon Wright pointed out the device on their rooftop on Welcher Road in the Town of Arcadia on Sunday (1/9). It had a box at the end of it, with some wires protruding. “It looked like a bomb, so I called police,” said John. Trooper James Cavallaro responded and assured the couple the device was indeed harmless.

The National Weather Center in Buffalo regularly releases the weather balloons with the accompanying weather  transmitter attached. It just happened to come smack down on the Wright’s roof. According to John, the balloon was launched from the Buffalo Weather Station on Thursday (1/6) at 6 a.m.
On the package was written “Harmless Weather Instrument” with directions and a enclosed label for mailing back to the Weather Service. Something the Wrights were only too willing to do.