Monday, January 16th, 2017

Walworth fundraising for Mural project

There are currently 25 historical murals in existence in Wayne County. The projects have been named: “Mural Mania” and the slogan, “the preservation of history through community art. has been coined.

As a former social studies teacher, Town Historian and member of several historical societies, Walworth Historian Gene Bavis is very much in favor of preserving history. Of course, an interesting painting is enjoyable as well. So, this is a win-win deal.
In conjunction with his friend, Mark DeCracker, Bavis hopes to help Wayne County towns get several more murals. In addition to the joy of art and history, he believes that the murals will attract tourists.

There are 6 towns in Wayne County that have no murals. Walworth is one of them. The Walworth Historcial Soceity has found a location, an artist and a theme. They now need to raise $4,500 to have the mural painted.

They are asking people to consider sponsoring a square foot for $25 or a square yard (9 sf) for $200. Of course, any donation is greatly appreciated.

The Walworth Historical Society is coordinating this effort in conjunction with Mural Mania of Wayne County to create a beautiful mural on the side of the Walworth Post Office. Dan Roberts and Mark Crane of Mark’s Pizza, owners of the Walworth Post Office building gave their support of the project with their pledge of the first $500. A professional artist has been engaged to paint the mural directly on the side of the building. The goal is to share the story of Theron G. Yeomans bringing Wayne County’s first herd of prize winning Holstein Cattle to Walworth in 1879. Clara Billings Yeomans documented this by doing at least two paintings, one of several of the cows and another of Aaggie II, a cow renown for her milk production.

To make a donation, make checks payable to: Walworth Historical Society, PO Box 142, Walworth NY 14568. Include your name, address, email, and phone. Donations are tax deductible.