Monday, January 16th, 2017

US Postal Service Cost Cutting Begins; Some consolidation of services happening in Wayne County

Beginning on Saturday, October 22st, postal carriers for the Clyde Post Office will now report to the Lyons.

In a postcard sent last week to Clyde NY (14433) postal customers, letter carriers serving Clyde will now be relocated to the Lyons Post Office at 1 Pearl Street. There will be no change in addressing or Zip Code designation for Clyde customers.

The USPS has also assured customers that the Clyde Post Office will remain open with a postmaster on duty for retail service, and Post Office boxes will not be affected. Carriers will drive to Lyons, pick up mail for their routes, drive to Clyde to deliver it, then return to Lyons.

While Clyde and Lyons are the first in the Wayne County area to see this consolidation and efficiency plan, several other local post offices will soon see this change as well.

The Marion Post Office letter carriers will now report to Williamson, and the Marion Postmaster and Post Office boxes will remain at the Marion Location.

The Walworth Post Office will consolidate its carriers with the Ontario Post Office, while the Walworth Postmaster will offer retail services and post office boxes will remain open in Walworth.

“According to Karen Mazurkiewicz, Western New York Communications Coordinator for the United States Postal Service, the cost savings is maximized and the impact is minimal. She did note than packages for which a signature is required, may be returned to Lyons if the customer is not at home, but arrangements can be made to redeliver or arrange to transport the package to Clyde.

“Most customers will see no difference. It just makes sense financially. There will be a savings on trucks and workloads,” Mazurkiewicz noted. She also reported that there will be no layoffs.
In all, 40 Post Offices in Western New York are affected by this new directive.

“When a carrier operation and distribution operation are close enough (within 10 miles) that transportation and other costs can be saved by putting the carriers and distribution in one spot, there’s no reason not to do so”, said Mazurkiewicz.

In the Rochester area, changes will be seen in Hamlin to Hilton, East Rochester to Penfield, and Lima to Honeoye Falls.

Mazurkiewicz also mentioned that large mailers who regularly drop-ship to a number of post offices, will notice fewer stops on their route.

These are the only Wayne County Post Offices being consolidated at this time.

The Walworth and Marion changes will occur on November 5th. Postcards to local postal customers are coming soon.