Sunday, September 24th, 2017

Two injured in Route 350 accident

State Trooper Rob Weston responded to a motor vehicle accident at  Route 350 and Atlantic Avenue intersection at 7:54 a.m. on Thursday in Walworth.

A pick up truck traveling eastbound on Atlantic Avenue failed to stop for a stop sign at the intersection with Route 350, and swerved to the right to make the quick turn heading northbound on 350. As the driver turned, two SUVs we traveling northbound. The first SUV, driven by Bernard Henning, age 71, of Orchard Street in Walworth was struck on the back side of the vehicle which caused it to flip over into a nearby ditch on its side. The second SUV, driven by Robert Horak, age 52 of Fairport, was able to avoid a collision, but skidded into the ditch as well.

The 17 year old driver of the pickup, W. Knickerbocker of Knickerbocker Road in Pittsford, told police that he was distracted and did not see the sign, the tried to make the turn.

Knickerbocker and Horak were uninjured. Bernard Henning and his passenger Nancy Henning were transported to Strong Memorial Hospital with minor injuries and abrasions. They were later released.

Knickerbocker was charged with Passing a Stop Sign.