Tuesday, January 17th, 2017

Two hometown boys killed in Vietnam honored in Walworth Veteran’s Day Display

The Walworth Historical Society has used the large display case at the Walworth Seely Library/Walworth Town Hall, to honor two local men lost during the Vietnam war.
It is their salute at Veteran’s Day to the two fallen soldiers, and all veterans the Historical Society reminds us to “Never Forget.

Honored are Alexander John Neil Menzies, brother of Walworth Historical Society’s President Jesse Keymel; and Larry Ludwig.

Alex Menzies – The Menzies family emigrated to Walworth from the West Coast of Scotland in January of 1954, when Alex was just eight years old. Larry was born on April 12, 1945. He attended Walworth Elementary School and Wayne Central. Like all kids at that time in Walworth, he worked on the family farm and enjoyed working with his plumber- electrician father. Before enlisting in the United States Marine Corp, Alex worked on small engines at George Duell’s repair shop in the village.

On April 2, 1966, just days after his 21st birthday, Lance Corporal Menzies gave his life for his country making the supreme sacrifice during ground combat in Quang Nam Province, South Vietnam. Alex is listed on the Vietnam Memorial in Washington, DC, on Panel 6E, Line 75. He received several medals including the Silver Star for Bravery and the Purple Heart. He served in the B company, 1st Battalion, 3rd Marines, MARDIV III MAF.

Larry George Ludwig – Larry Ludwig lived on the family farm on Atlantic Avenue with his parents, George and Helen, as well as his two uncles, Nelson and Ken and a younger brother, Terry. Larry and Terry both attended Walworth Elementary School on Academy Street in the Hamlet. Larry was born on May 15, 1947. While growing up, Larry liked to hunt and shoot and go horseback riding around the farm. He would spend hours riding his horse “Pal”. Larry especially liked his Mother’s cooking – in particular her homemade pumpkin pie! As a teenager, he got a quarter horse “Candy”, thus fueling his love for horses. He broke and trained Candy by himself and upon graduating from Wayne Central, took a job on an Arabian horse farm near Washington D.C. hoping to eventually have his own horse-training business.

In June of 1966, Larry received his draft notice. He chose to enlist in the U.S. Marine Corp. On July 6, 1967, Larry gave his life for his country during ground combat in South Vietnam. He was just 20 years old. Larry is listed on the Vietnam War Memorial on Panel 23E, Line 12. He earned the Silver Star for bravery and Purple Heart metals and several more. Lance Corporal Ludwig was in the A Company, 1st battalion, 1st Marines, 1st MARDIV III, MAF.