Monday, January 16th, 2017

Palmyra man goes all out for Halloween

Some homes put out a pumpkin or two, others may dress the front of the house with various scary decorations in preparation for this coming Monday’s Halloween celebration.
Tom Bauer and his family go way beyond the mere pumpkin. For the past 30 years Tom has collected an odd assortment of blow-up yard decorations that now fill the front of his house. He went one step further this year, painting a tarp with eerie bricks and carefully cutting out spaces where windows actually appear on the house located at 532 West Main Street in the Village of Palmyra.

The tarp covers the entire front of the house with a carefully spun rope web with a huge hanging spider greeting candy seekers. The tarp was prepared in the back yard with the help of family and 5 cans of spray paint.

The Halloween celebration is in tune with the Bauer’s wedding anniversary and has been a family tradition from the beginning. Wife Donna, in-laws and the Bauer’s three grown children are all part of the festivity and effort. Now, the Bauer’s 5 grand children have come onboard in their grandfather’s quest for the unique.

The Bauer family has resided at the Main Street address for the past three years. Tom recalled neighbors telling him hardly any Trick-or-Treaters came to the houses along Main Street. That has all changed as scores of children now walk up through the menagerie of displays to the Bauer’s front door.

As soon as the Halloween celebration is over, Tom begins the task of taking down all the displays, carefully packing them away in totes and storing them in the basement. Then, it’s time to prepare for the Christmas season!