Monday, January 16th, 2017

Nobody wants big Blue

In an era when small is preferred, “Blue” has a disadvantage. Humane Society of Wayne County processes many dogs and cats, finding new homes and owners for the overly cute and smaller pets, but Blue is finding a harder time finding love.

Deana Costanza, a dog care attendant at the Humane Society of Wayne County described Blue as a “gentle giant,”, with perhaps a ‘Garfield’ complex in that he hates cats! “He (Blue)is big enough to stand up and put his paws on your shoulders. His size, and perhaps the fact that he is not good with cats, seems to have held him back from finding an ideal home.”

According to Humane Society Director, Mark Plyter, Blue has been a resident of the facility, located at 1475 County House Road in Lyons, since January 3rd of this year. The 80 pound behemoth was treated successfully for heartworm, but his previous owner said Blue was too much for him to handle.

Blue can be a bit verbal at times and it is recommended he may need a larger yard and room to play. Plyter said Blue gets along well with the rest of the dog population, but does have issues with anyone messing with his food bowl. Blue probably should find a home with no small children, since he has a habit of welcoming that includes jumping up on people. “He is stand-offish at first, but really likes everybody,” said Mark.

Due to his unique qualities, Blue is available for no adoption charge and will need some training. Anyone interested should call the Humane Society of Wayne County at 315 946-3389.