Monday, January 16th, 2017

Marion wins 2013 Middle School Skills Competition at WTCC

On March 21, 2013, two hundred and eighteen eighth grade students competed in hands-on events at the Wayne Technical and Career Center’s (WTCC) annual Middle School Skills Competition. Marion was this year’s overall champion while Wayne (Thomas C. Armstrong Middle School) finished second. In the afternoon, Finger Lakes Community College Physics Professor, Leonard Ortenzi, presented, “Physics is Phun”.

Len Ortenzi’s demonstrations included: a student breaking a glass while singing and Len lying on a bed of nails while WTCC instructor Jim Buck broke a cinder block on his chest. An awards ceremony was then held to highlight the accomplishments of contest winners, who received a certificate and medallion. Below is a list of winners by school district.

Clyde-Savannah: 2nd Place-Kamden Cushman, Cup Cake Wars; Samantha Kalinski, Cup Cake Wars; 3rd Place-Olivia Lewis, Bridal Hair Artistry

Lyons: 2nd Place- Andrew Gaylord, Basic Welding; 3rd Place- Jacob Bornheimer, Auto Body Repair; Hannah Cook, Pre-School; Art (Education Professions); Jordan Hill, Pre-School Art (Education Professions)

Marion: 1st Place- Jacob Ellsworth, Woodsmen’s Triathlon; Anthony Gordon, Woodsmen’s Triathlon; Autumn Hallock, Health Dimensions; Owen Michael Jimenez, Solar Car Building/Racing; Jordan Kier, Basic Welding; Gabbie Ritzmann, Pre-School Art (Education Professions); Taylor Thomas, Pre-School Art (Education Professions); 2nd Place-Adam Burditt, Computer Game Programming; Autum Flint, Criminal Investigation; Connor Higbee, Computer Game Programming; Calissa Pomerantz, Criminal Investigation; 3rd Place- Rodney Delyser, Woodsmen’s Triathlon; Drew Schafer, Woodsmen’s Triathlon

Newark: 1st Place- Adam Carrigan, Auto Body Repair; Jackson Correia, Computer Game Programming; Joe Goodman, Computer Game Programming; 2nd Place- Keirsten Case, Pre-School Art (Education Professions); Joel Fowler, Pre-School Art (Education Professions); Eric Poole, Auto Body Repair; 3rd Place- Nate Hubright, Power Mechanics; Shaniah Jones, Prom Night and Nail Artistry

North Rose-Wolcott: 1st Place-Gabrielle Bailey, Bridal Hair Artistry; Anahbelle Gregg, Prom Night and Nail Artistry; 2nd Place- Jorden Brown, Heavy Metal (Machining); Alexandria Reppi, Health Dimensions; 3rd Place- Joseph Flynn, Auto Technician; Faith Martin, Criminal Investigation; Kassidy Milan, Cup Cake Wars; Tyler Norris, Basic Welding; Cody Weaver, Criminal Investigation; Kaitlynn Wollek, Cup Cake Wars

Palmyra-Macedon: 2nd Place-Brian Burger, Power Mechanics; 3rd Place- Nate Arnold, Solar Car Building/Racing
Red Creek: 1st Place- Katie Krause, Dog Bathing; Bryce Phillips, Heavy Metal (Machining); Faith Walker, Dog Bathing; Gracie Wright, Carpentry; 2nd Place-Noah Burke, Woodsmen’s Triathlon; Nick Sliter, Auto Technician; Hunter Verburg, Woodsmen’s Triathlon

Wayne: 1st Place-Thomas Knapp, Power Mechanics; Lincoln Wright, Auto Technician; 2nd Place-Jessica Bellmore, Dog Bathing; Camryn Domina, Dog Bathing; Ethan Krenzer, Carpentry; Connor Lawson, Solar Car Building/Racing 3rd Place- Joshua Dunn, Computer Game Programming; Max Morales, Health Dimensions; Jordan Raisman, Computer Game Programming; Ben Schultes, Heavy Metal (Machining); John Sweeny, Carpentry

Wayne Education Center: 1st Place- Cody Bulman, Criminal Investigation; Robert Randall, Criminal Investigation; Lindsay Soto, Cup Cake Wars; 2nd Place-Ariana Curringham, Prom Night and Nail Artistry; 3rd Place- Logan Beverly, Dog Bathing; Kristal Corcoran, Dog Bathing