Monday, January 16th, 2017

Macedon Village Mayor Cramer calls hasty press conference

A press conference was held at noon on Friday, May 3rd by Macedon Village Mayor Marie Cramer at the Macedon Fire Hall. Cramer stated that she called the conference to discuss the Town of Macedon’s recent signing of a fire contract with the Macedon Center Fire Department for additional fire coverage in Macedon. The conference was announced to local television stations on Thursday, but not announced in the press prior to the event. She spoke to three attendees and the television camera.

Her statement follows:
“I have serious concerns that the wishes of the Town of Macedon residents are not being represented by their elected officials. In my past year in office, I have come to learn that the Village board is made up of a cohesive group of individuals truly looking out for the best interest of the residents and have made several attempts to meet and work with the Town board for a peaceful resolution to the fire contract and other services owned by the Village.
At both meetings, on March 14th and April 9th, the Village board and residents left feeling that both boards would work together and make decisions together. On April 25th, the
Town board signed a five-year contract with Macedon Center Fire department without knowledge or input from the Village board, the Macedon Fire department or residents.

The Village board continues to try to work together with the Town board, but they keep placing obstacles in the way to make the progress successful. The Village board has asked the Town board to withdrawal all sewer litigation and they have declined because they feel they own the village sewer plant because they paid off a loan that provided them capacity for their growth. They have cost the Town residents thousands of dollars and the Village residents alone in just Village expenditures approx. $24,000.00 in litigation to have the court decide that they do indeed need to pay for a service that is provided to them even without an agreement. Because they couldn’t agree to 1 of the 8 dates in May provided for a joint meeting, we were forced to uphold the law due to their litigation towards the Village and file the papers for the next step. This will be a very costly expense to the residents of Macedon from both municipalities.

The Town has spent taxpayer’s dollars to pay for lawyer’s fees to inundate the Village Hall with FOIL requests from dissolution information, and sewer minutes from 1960 to present and copies of sewer maps of the village. They have done FOIL requests to the DEC to get documents of the Village owned sewer plant. This action had forced us to hire our own lawyer to answer these requests, which in my opinion is a waste of taxpayer’s dollars.

I urge the residents of Macedon to stand up for themselves and demand more from their elected officials. It is an election year and two council members are up for re-election. I urge you to obtain information from the Board of Elections in Wayne County on the election process, which starts in May. I would encourage Macedon residents to get involved with the process and consider running for office. It is time for a change and choice.

I challenge you to start asking for proof of their statements and the facts will speak for themselves. This entitlement of “Ownership” and trying to breakdown or get rid of the Village assets and successes must stop.

In my opinion, there is no reason why both municipalities can’t work with each other for a successful resolution in these issues.”

The statement seemed to alienate Town officials, rather than help build more open communication.

The Town of Macedon would not respond to allegations in the Mayor’s statement.