Sunday, January 22nd, 2017

Macedon Pushing For New Town FD

The proverbial hand writing is on the wall. The ongoing feud between the Village and Town of Macedon is catching fire.

The Macedon Fire Department, located in the Village of Macedon off Route 350 is the lit fuse that may lead to the demise of that Village owned service.

The Town has had concerns over Village and Macedon Fire equipment spending and budgets for years and wanted a voice and piece of the fire pie. At odds are some of the “old guard” that have gone to loggerheads with some of the newer members. Some of the high ranking, and rank and file members have resigned and may follow the route of establishing a new incorporated fire department that would service the southern section of Macedon, south of the Erie Canal.

A legal notice was posted in the Times last month that announced a public hearing to establish “South Macedon Fire and Rescue”. Once the go-ahead is given, the Town would then contract with the new fire company. Currently, Macedon Center Fire department has the contract for all areas north of the canal.

The move would undercut the funding for the Macedon Department, who would only be responsible for servicing the Village of Macedon.

James J.J. Phillips resigned as the 1st Assistant Chief from the Macedon Fire Department two weeks ago. He would be the lead name on the new incorporation, which has already garnered much support from other fellow defectors from the long established (114 year-old) Macedon Fire Department.

Phillips admits there has been a “lot of negativity”, but he and his fellow firefighters forming the new department are not doing so with any intent to harm the village department. “We are doing this to keep the guys together. There are a lot of young kids who want to protect the people and ride the trucks. We have all intentions to work with both the town and the village,” said Phillips.

According to Macedon Supervisor Bill Hammond, although the Town will not own, but simply contract with the new service, he welcomes the protection for the southern portion of the town. He suggested that in the interim, the new department could utilize the Macedon Public Safety building located on South Wayneport Road until a permanent fire house is constructed. He also suggested that the Town Highway barns could also serve as a temporary headquarters. Hammond suggested that perhaps land located along Route 31 and Victor Road may be suitable for the new fire house.

“We want to be up and running ASAP. Hopefully we can be up and running by the first of the year,” said Phillips. He added that trucks and equipment are already being lined up. “The community doesn’t care when there is an emergency. They just want somebody to show up at their door. We have a lot of support from the members and the people I have talked to,” added Phillips.

Neither Macedon Fire Chief Tim Wilcox, or Macedon Village Mayor Marie Cramer returned calls for this story.