Tuesday, January 24th, 2017

Macedon Business goes above par to keep their golfers below

Golfers around the world know the name IZZO. It’s a name that has become synonymous with quality golf accessories for over the past 2 decades.

From carry bags to practice nets and beyond. If golf is your game, chances are you’ve used an IZZO brand product.

In 1991, T.J. Izzo changed the game of Golf when he released the first dual strap carry bag. Previously, golfers would lug heavy bags on a single shoulder strap. Today, all carry bags use a dual strap, and millions of golfers are enjoying the walk thanks to Izzo’s innovation.

Today, IZZO’s primary business is Golf accessories like hitting nets, putting aids and their largest segment – Golf GPS. IZZO offers 4 GPS models with a fifth currently in the works.

IMG_0127Travis Worth, Senior Vice President for IZZO says their goal has always been to produce great products with an emphasis on quality and innovation. “While we design products for golfers of all skill levels, many training aids are used by beginners. That’s why it’s so important for us to make sure our products are not just great, but also easy to use.”

Worth was brought on board by CEO Bruce Dan who purchased the company from founder T. J. Izzo in 2000.
Since then, the business has expanded and IZZO now offers over 200 products. Some are sold under the IZZO name and others are made exclusively for Callaway Golf, one of the Game’s top brands.

“Working with a brand like Callaway requires some serious quality control, something we know well here at IZZO.” Worth commented. “Everything from the way the product functions to the color and finish on the packaging all must be taken into account.”

Take a walk through their 100,000 sq ft warehouse and it’s easy to see how those details can add up.
Beyond great products, IZZO also takes pride in their 40 employees, about half of which live in Wayne County.

“We’re very lucky to have great people here. Our turnover is really low. We make an effort to let people know they’re appreciated.” Worth went on to say some people have been there over 20 years and that one employee left for another job only to return a short time later.

With employees wearing golf shirts and putting greens in most offices, working at IZZO certainly has it’s perks.

While most at the company are golfers, Worth said it’s not required, unless you’re in sales where demos and golf meetings are a must.

“It’s actually nice to have a few people who aren’t golfers. Sometimes it gives us a different perspective.”

While Izzo continues to update their lines and introduce new products, Worth stressed the importance of the process. “When we introduce a new product, it’s got to be unique or better. It needs to be intuitive.”

IZZO works with dozens of manufacturers around the world, so getting every detail right can sometimes be a lengthy process.

Worth recalled one seemingly simple product that took half a dozen revisions to get it just the way he wanted. This attention to detail is evident in all of their accessories.

You can find IZZO products at many Golf retailers including Dick’s Sporting Goods and Golf Galaxy.

Their Callaway line is available nationally at Target stores.

To learn more about IZZO including upcoming products, visit their website at www.izzo.com.