Thursday, January 19th, 2017

Lyons votes 474 to 309 for Dissolution

With a steady stream of voters on Tuesday in  Lyons, and a few voting machine  snafus, voters, in the end,  chose to continue with the Dissolution Plan for the Village. The votes was 474 Yes, and 309 No.

Nearly 800 Village voters appeared at the Lyons VFW. One of three voting machines stopped working early on, and had to be taken back to the Wayne County Board of Elections, where votes from that machine were run back through a working machine and electronically counted,

Having previously voted to Dissolve the Village in an election held in November of 2012, voters were asked to decide if the Dissolution Plan should continue.

This Tuesday’s Special Election ballot simply  asked: Shall the elector-initiated dissolution plan take effect?

Even, with 78 absentee ballots still to be counted, and 9 ballots to be-hand counted (on Thursday at 10 am), the votes could not override the outcome of Tuesday’s balloting, even if they were all No votes.

A total of over 1200 voters showed up for the first vote in 2012.  At that time, 619 voted to dissolve the Village of Lyons, and 585 said no. It was, however, a Presidential election year, and many voters were already at the polling sites to cast their votes.

In other voting on Tuesday, Macedon Village voters reelected Village Trustees: David Kelly and Dave Nelson as Trustees and John Reid as Village Justice. The races were uncontested and just 25 voters cast ballots.