Monday, January 16th, 2017

It took some political posturing, but Lyons Village Police swears in full time officer

Lyons Village Clerk Denise Darcangelis, swore in Lyons Police Officer Brian Ritchie to full time status on August 13, 2013.

Brian, a 16 year police veteran and former Town of Gates Officer, has been employed part time by the Village of Lyons Police Department since June 2011.

After he left Gates and went to work part time for the Lyons Village police, Brian also worked as security officer at Monroe Community College. He soon felt that his real calling is as a full time police officer and he requested full time status with the Lyons Police.

While Lyons Village Police Chief Richard Bogan was happy to accommodate, there were soon found to be several road blocks.

It was necessary to obtain special legislation to allow Officer Ritchie to be hired full time, as he is over the state civil service age limit of 35 years of age. State Assemblyman Robert Oaks and State Senator Michael Nozzolio introduced bills in the assembly and senate to allow Lyons to appoint Officer Ritchie full time. The bills were signed last week.

“We are very pleased to have Brian. He is an experience and competent officer. And we are pleased that, in light of the dissolution hanging over the village, he still wanted to work full time for the Village of Lyons Police Department,” said Bogan.

Bogan also noted that “We are very fortunate to have State representatives that are so supportive of public safety. Brian’s experience has been an asset to our department since he started. Now, working full time, he can be even more helpful to our citizens.