Monday, January 16th, 2017

Fire Prevention Week at Wayne prepares students for emergencies

Walworth and Ontario’s bravest paid visits to Wayne Central School District last week in recognition of Fire Prevention Week. A national initiative organized by the National Fire Protection Association, students learned essential fire safety skills and were urged to prepare escape plans with their families should the unthinkable happen keeping with this year’s theme, “Have 2 Ways Out.”

Firefighters from the Lincoln, Ontario, Walworth, and West Walworth Fire Departments all pitched in for an array of activities at each school. Students at Ontario Primary toured a Ontario Volunteer Fire Department truck and learned about the tools found inside with “Firefighter Bob” Brewer. Firefighter Bob also led schoolwide assemblies at Ontario Primary and Ontario Elementary, where he stressed the importance of getting out and staying out of a burning building.

Students at Freewill Elementary watched in awe as they were treated to a spectacular fire hose demonstration on the bus loop by Lincoln, Walworth, and West Walworth firefighters during a morning fire drill. Additionally, students visited the Safety House, where they experienced a simulated emergency situation and were brought to safety by the volunteer firefighters.