Wednesday, January 18th, 2017

Democrats nominate Taylor For Newark Mayor


The Arcadia and Newark Democrats held their nominating caucus for candidates for the November elections, on Thursday night at the Newark American Legion.

A crowd of about 75 people attended, including party officers, spectators, and voters from the Town and Village.

The Democrats announced an open caucus, where only Democrats could nominate and vote for a candidate, but the candidates themselves could be from any party or no party.

The Arcadia Town Caucus started the evening with openings for a Town Council seat (1 year vacancy), 1 Highway Superintendent seat (1 year vacancy) and one Town Justice seat (4 year term). No nominations were made for the Town Council or Highway Superintendent. Joe DeSanto nominated Michael Miller for the Town Justice Seat (one he currently holds). Miller’s nomination was seconded by Jim Miranda. No other nominations were made and Judge Miller will be the Democrats choice for Town Justice in November.

Following the closing of that caucus and a short break. The Village of Newark caucus began.

Openings were available for Mayor (4 years term), 2 Trustees Seats (4 year terms) and Village Justice (4 year term).

The mayor race was first on the ballot. Nomination was made for Jim Bridgeman (nominated by Jim Sanangelo, seconded by John “Jack” Dubler). Sanangelo noted that it had been a long time since a Democrat was Mayor in Newark – not since Susie Earl. He was  pleased to nominate his friend, Jim Bridgeman.

The second nomination for Mayor came from Joe DeSanto, who nominated current Trustee and Republican Jonathan Taylor. Joe spoke about how important it is to vote for the right person, and not just a member of a political  party. He noted that Jonathan was a very dedicated person and worked a long time with the Farm Bureau, and with many Democrats in his years there. Jonathan and his family live  in Newark and like it here. Daniel Henson seconded the nomination for Taylor.

Balloting, which involved 40 registered Democrats, began and, in the end, the vote came to 29 for Taylor and 11 for Bridgeman. Taylor, a Republican was defeated at the Republican Caucus  the previous week by John Zornow, with just 5 votes separating them.

When the nominations were called for Village Trustee, no one spoke up.

Just before closing the nominations, Joe DeSanto stood up and admonished the crowd for their unwillingness to step up with nominations.

“I see several really good candidates here. I would hate to see no names on the ballot,” said DeSanto. He then nominated Jack Dubler for a Trustee Seat, with Jim Sanangelo seconded. Dubler reluctantly accepted, saying that due to recent health issues he was not feeling up to the door-to-door campaigning, but would serve willingly if elected.

Next DeSanto nominated Jim Bridgeman for the other Trustee seat. This nomination was seconded by Jack Dubler. Nominations were then closed. Both names will be on the ballot for the Newark Village Trustee positions.

For the Village Justice seat, Michael Miller was again nominated for the 4 year term. Joe Miller nominated him and Jim Miranda seconded.

No other nominations came before the caucus, which was then adjourned.



On Thursday night, at the Newark American Legion, Nominees for the Democratic slate in the Village of Newark and Town of Arcadia in November were selected. Nominees are:  (left to right):  Jim Bridgeman for Newark Village Trustee, Jack Dubler for Newark Village Trustee, Mike Miller for Town and Village Justice, and Jonathan Taylor for Newark Village Mayor. Taylor also ran in the Republican Caucus last week, but was defeated by fellow Trustee John Zornow. They will square off in November for the four year term.