Tuesday, January 17th, 2017

Community Says Goodbye to Jim Caringi

“A complete shock,” “Such a loss to the community”, “I just talked to him just yesterday.” The Macedon and Palmyra community continues to be in a state of shock at the sudden death of a very loved administrator and community volunteer, Vincent “Jim” Caringi, who passed away on Saturday night (11/5/11) at the age of 71, of a massive heart attack.
“There is nothing that could have been done, it just happened suddenly, and then he was gone,” said his daughter Pamela on the phone on Wednesday.

Jim is well remembered as the affable Palmyra Elementary Principal who served from 1975 to 1991. After his retirement, he continued to work and volunteer in the community and at his church. He was a member of the Knights of Columbus at St. Patrick’s Catholic Church in Macedon, and served on the Macedon Village Zoning Board.

Jim was born in Troy, New York. He married his wife Karen in October of 1965 and they raised two children, Pam and Jim – both attended Palmyra Macedon schools. Both children later moved out of the area, Pam to Georgia, and Jim to Montana. Those moves afforded the Caringis many great travel opportunities to see their children.

Jim loved to travel, beginning with a cross country trip with his wife Karen following their honeymoon. They later traveled to Europe, and visited the birthplace of Jim’s dad in Sorra, Italy. Jim told anyone he ran into of his many trips in the States as well, especially enjoying their time in Alaska, where son Jim lived for a time. Many cruises followed, and it appears what many people call their “bucket list” of things to do before they die, were already accomplished for Jim.

Besides travel, Caringi enjoyed biking, sports (he loved his Buffalo Bills and New York Yankees!) and visiting with his five grandchildren: Darla, Josephine, Madelyn, Rand, and Peyton (the newest granddaughter who just turned 4 months old).

Karen and Jim wintered in the Florida sunshine, and returned to their home in Macedon in the warm months.