Tuesday, January 17th, 2017

Animal Planet’s ‘Pit Boss’ pays a surprise visit to Ontario groomer

Sue Dziedziech of Sodus has been grooming dogs for about 12 years, in Ontario and Sodus. One of her long time pooch customers is “Moe”, a mastiff belonging to Tom Carrano of Ontario. Tom runs a business, “Autos for Animals”.

While picking up his dog one day after a grooming, he mentioned to Sue that a long time friend of his was coming to town with his dog for a charity event at Lollypop Farm. The celebrity was none other than the star of “Pit Boss”, Shorty Rossi.

Pit Boss, is a show on the cable channel “Animal Planet”, featuring Shorty, a “little person” (dwarf) who grew up in a rough neighborhood, did some prison time and turned his life around. He turned his love of pit bulls, a very misunderstood breed, to championing their cause. He owns 6 pit bulls currently.

That passion for the breed led him to forming Shorty’s Pit Bull Rescue, a business that rescues, rehabilitates and places neglected and abused pit bulls in loving, nurturing homes. Shorty’s Rescue is not a shelter or a charity; its employees work tirelessly to help relieve suffering and prevent cruelty to pit bulls through education and activism. All the members of his “crew” are also little people.

After injuring himself in a stunt, Shorty became interested in service animal training. He trained one of his own pit bulls to be a service animal, and he actively has been involved in the Americans with Disabilities Act community ever since. Currently, two of Shorty’s dogs are registered service animals, with one in training.
He recently brought “Hercules” his service dog, to Rochester to film a segment for Lollypop Farm’s Annual Telethon fundraiser.

When Carrano told his groomer about the visit to town, she said, jokingly (she thought), “Just bring him by with his dog and I’ll give him a free grooming before the show at my shop.” Her shop at 1546 Ridge Road in Ontario houses “Creature Comforts” and “Pampered Paws Grooming Salon”.

Taking her at her word, Tom showed up last Saturday, and asked if her offer was still open — and in he walked with Shorty Rossi and his dog, Hercules.
“They left the dog for his grooming, while they worked on some of the set up for the show. I was excited and thrilled to help out.”

When they returned, Shorty asked how much he owed Sue, and she reminded him that she had offered the grooming free of charge. “He then graciously donated money to my ferrel cat fund,” Sue reported.

The Lollypop Farm’s Telethon 2011 will be broadcast on Saturday, March 5th on 13WHAM TV and Rochester’s CW, live from Eastview Mall.