Sunday, September 24th, 2017

“A Ride with Matt” on two coasts to learn and teach about Huntington’s Disease







With plenty of fanfare and media coverage, the bike riding duo of Matthew Austin and his uncle Adam Austin thanked supporters in Palmyra Park, on June 27th. Their dual-coast bicycle journey, which will be documented on film, is being held to provide awareness for Huntington’s Disease.

Huntington’s Disease, a terminal illness, which took the lives of Matt’s father, Lloyd Andrew “Andy” Austin his grandfather Earl Francis Austin, and great grandfather Alfred Austin at very young ages. 21-year old Matt was recently diagnosed with the illness, and this is his way to keep up his strength and hope, and maybe teach others of the devastating effect of this disease. Matt has been told he has 10-15 years. He barely knew his father, who died when Matt was three.

While on the ride, according to his aunt, Carol Austin of Palmyra, Matthew will learn about his father and family and connect with others with Huntington’s Disease. On their bonding journey, Adam and Matt will raise awareness, gain insight, raise money and explore the possibilities of treatment with institutions, medical professionals, and other families coping with the disease.

The San Francisco Film Society sponsors the documentary, filming the trip as Matt learns about his dad from his Uncle Adam, while also learning about cycling, adventure and medical outreach for HD. Fundraisers along the way will aid Huntington’s research. Watch the video on