Monday, January 16th, 2017

70th wedding anniversary for two Nursing home residents

Join the Wayne County Nursing Home in congratulating two members of our community, Gerald and Eunice Harris on their platinum wedding anniversary. Gerald and Eunice have been married for 70 years on July 13, 2013.

Gerald and Eunice met at high school and church in Abingdon, VA. Gerald joined the Army in 1940 and they married in 1943 – before he left for Italy. When WWII was over they attended Georgetown (Kentucky) College and Gerald went on to Colgate Rochester Divinity School. After his graduation they served Methodist churches in Central and Western NY. They have two sons: Carl and Drew, two grandsons: Charles and Gerald II, and one great-grandson: Jackson. In their love story he is “Hank” and she is “Miss Eunice”.

The couple is always together, whether it is at dinner or just walking around the Wayne County Nursing Home where they share a room. When asked to give advice on staying married, Eunice answered “You have to just hang in there and that’s it.”

The Wayne County Nursing Home is excited to celebrate with them and wish them more years of happiness.