Tuesday, January 17th, 2017

Yeah, its been another one of those weeks

Okay, so I thought I was finally fit enough to cover a committee meeting for the Board of Supervisors. Due to my medication intake, I am not allowed to drive, but between Wife Patti and Son Devin, the chauffeuring is excellent.
It wasn’t that long into the meeting (in a small room) before my head starting bobbing and the snoring began. The people present at the meeting were merciless. Some just wanted to throw spit balls at the poor editor, others were looking for bugles.

When it came to last Tuesday’s full Board meeting, Wife Patti and Son Devin decided it was not worth the effort to load me in a car, have me doze off and embarrass the family and still not get anything out of the meeting. “Leave him at home. I’ll just go and cover the meeting,” growled Wife Patti.

I am on some heavy doses of all sorts of pills (18 per day at last count) for all my maladies. I have severe arm/hand pain on the left side, numbness and pain in the right hand and arm and more specialists than you can shake a stick at. Sometimes I just “zone out”, hit the old recliner and snooze off to “The Price is Right.”

Just to give you an idea of how bad my health is… at $25 per co-pay on my health insurance, I managed to top well over $1250 in just co-pays last year. Good news is now I don’t feel cheated on all those years of paying into health care insurance. This year I am on an even higher co-pay record.

I had 100% hearing on my test last week. Only problem is, that because my ear canal is so small and closing up, I cannot hear out of my left ear. Since Wife Patti sits on my left at home, I saw no real need for corrective solutions. Obviously, we disagreed on this. I now have ear surgery scheduled for December 16th. Besides the prescription ear drops twice a day, I have the prescription steroid spray for my nasal condition.

While I was at the Ear, Nose and Throat Doctor, he noticed something on my face as I was about to leave. I though he was going to compliment me on my nose. “While I’m doing the ear surgery, I’ll remove that melanoma on your face. We will send it out for a biopsy,” assured the Doc winning a two-for-one surgery.

Next week I have yet another appointment with the neurologist, advised by, not two, but three doctors. On the same day, only hours later, I have another appointment with another surgeon. I also have to get blood tests from not one, but two different doctors. I give so much blood I have now collected a whole series of stickers, usually reserved for crying or spoiled children. Dora the Explorer, the whole Cars series…yep, I got em’ all. I have also amassed a year’s supply of those little packages of Lorna Doones shortbread cookies they give for to blood donors.

On the positive side, the last bladder cancer “cisto” test was almost perfect. I am categorized as only “obese” and not morbidly obese and, at last check, Wife Patti and my Zu Zu dog still loves me.