Wednesday, January 18th, 2017

We always hear about athletes cheating. Well….last week there were two instances of coaches cheating. Jason Kidd of the Nets was fined $50,000 for intentionally spilling his drink when his team was out of timeouts. The spill gave him extra time to draw up a play.

On Thanksgiving night, Pittsburgh Steelers coach Mike Tomlin interfered with Baltimore Ravens kick returner Jacoby Jones during a punt return. He claimed he was just watching the Jumbotron and smiled after the interference. He was not penalized at the time. Shouldn’t coaches set an example for the young athletes? At least Tomlin and Kidd lost their games.

Tomlin was fined $100,000 (tax deductible since it goes to NFL sponsored charities) and the Steelers could also lose a draft pick at the end of the season.

As usual the Yankees are making some noise in the offseason by opening up their pocketbook. This week they signed free agent Jacoby Ellsbury from Boston and Atlanta’s Brian McCann. With McCann they get a solid catcher and with Ellsbury they get a lefty leadoff hitter, improve their team and put a dent in the champion Red Sox.

Unfortunately, Ellsbury’s bloated seven-year, $153 million contract will eventually turn bad as they all do. Need to stock your team? Just spend a boatload of money. We’ve seen how well that has worked for them.

They really have no choice. The Yankees don’t have a farm system and with their TV ratings and attendance down they needed to sign a big name player.

Somehow Syracuse, is bowl eligible. How does a 6-6 football team become eligible to play in a bowl game. It’s simple…..there are about 100 bowl games. Just shows how much mediocrity is now rewarded in college football. 11 of the 14 teams in the ACC are bowl eligible, 5 of them don’t even have winning records in their own conference! It’s all about the money. I think if we threw in a couple thousand dollars, we could probably sponsor a Times of Wayne County Bowl.

In the third round of an Australian golf tournament Stuart Manley scored a hole-in-one on the third hole. He thought he won the Mercedes that was parked on the tee. Slight problem. Apparently, you only win the car if you do it on Sunday….so sorry…no car for you. After they told him, he fell apart and shot an 11 on the next hole.

Every so often an “instant classic” sports moment comes along that reinforces why we love sports. If you’re lucky enough to be watching the game live, it’s a moment you’ll never forget. Saturday was one of those moments when No. 1 Alabama took on Auburn. Alabama was going for the winning field goal when rival Auburn returned the missed kick over 100 yards for the winning score. This is why I love sports… doesn’t get any better than that.

Week 14 NFL Picks
How did I do last week?
Last Week: 9-5, Overall: 121-71, Locks of the week: 23-8, Upset Special: 16-11.
Locks of the Week:
Cleveland at New England
Winner: New England
Tennessee at Denver
Winner: Denver
N.Y. Giants at San Diego
Winner: San Diego
Upset Special:
Atlanta at Green Bay
Winner: Atlanta
Detroit at Philadelphia
Winner: Philadelphia
Seattle at San Francisco
Winner: San Francisco
The Rest:
Minnesota at Baltimore
Winner: Baltimore
Kansas City at Washington
Winner: Kansas City
Buffalo at Tampa Bay
Winner: Tampa Bay
Miami at Pittsburgh
Winner: Pittsburgh
Indianapolis at Cincinnati
Winner: Cincinnati
Oakland at N.Y. Jets
Winner: Oakland
St. Louis at Arizona
Winner: Arizona
Carolina at New Orleans
Winner: New Orleans
Dallas at Chicago
Winner: Dallas
San Diego at Denver (12/12)
Winner: Denver