Tuesday, January 17th, 2017

College football assistant coaches. I knew that college head coaches were paid well, but I had no idea assistant coaches made so much…..at least at Alabama. Alabama defensive coordinator Kirby Smart received a $150,000 pay increase on Tuesday. The raise moves him up to a $1.5 million/year salary.
The university also approved salaries of $500,000 for a new defensive backs coach and $425,000 for new outside linebackers coach. Five of the other six members of Alabama’s coaching staff also received raises.

Puff Daddy, P Diddy, Sean “Diddy” Combs. Combs was arrested on Monday by police after allegedly swinging a kettlebell at UCLA football conditioning coach, Sal Alosi. Apparently, he wasn’t happy that Alosi was being hard on his son Justin, who’s a redshirt junior for the Bruins.
Combs is claiming it was in self-defense. I have a question…..If you’re P Diddy, why are you going to yell at your son’s football coach in the first place? I’m pretty sure the job of a college football conditioning coach is to help players get better by being hard on them. Was threatening the coach really going to help the situation? I’m sure UCLA is starting to regret their decision to recruit Combs son based on the potential donation from his father. Without a big donation, how’s the school supposed to pay for those assistant coach raises?

Rob Gronkowski. According to a new book, the New England Patriots tight end has not spent a dollar of his $16.34 million NFL salary or signing bonus. Apparently, Gronk uses money he makes off endorsement deals to “survive”. He opts to invest and save his money rather than spending money on fancy cars or jewelry like so many other professional athletes. According to Gronkowski, he also doesn’t do drugs, doesn’t drive drunk, and doesn’t break the law….so what is he doing in the NFL?

Amateur golfers everywhere. We all realized last weekend after Dustin Johnson’s collapse on the 18th green at the U.S. Open that we’re not the only ones who can be 12 feet from the hole and still three putt. While our three-putt may cost us a sub 100 round, his cost him a cool $800,000. He’s still a winner…..he gets to go home to Paulina Gretzky.