Tuesday, January 17th, 2017

Why Washington is so screwed up

If you listen to the lib media and the Democrats as to why the federal government is in the current position, it is the Tea Party Republican Congress faction’s fault. Those 40+ hold-outs are ruining the country and forcing the current shut-down.

Of course, the majority of Americans rely on knee-jerk reactions and readily fall for every news bite that supports the Obama administration’s goal in the blame game.

Now, for some sobering facts that will probably never change the closed minded.

We tend to forget that the Affordable Health Care Plan – aka “Obama Care” laws were jammed down the American people’s throats two years ago. Thousands of pages of much gobbledygook that 99.9% or more of both senators and congress never understood, or read were hastily passed in a Democrat controlled fashion. The way all the ‘health for everybody’ was to be funded was kind of pushed to the back burner. Regardless of all the loopholes and sleight of hand, the U.S. had health care for everybody.

Since the law was passed, many up on the Hill have now realized the flaws, but conveniently keep pushing them back in the closet, not wanting to fuel some American’s hatred of the law.

Yes, we should have affordable health care for all, but we should have taken years to develop a plan from the floor up. When the government wants something bad enough, we get crapped upon. Instead we got ObamaCare and many voters revolted and sent a new slew of congress people to Washington. With a Democrat senate entrenched, no way was there going to be a retreat or compromise.

Meanwhile, big companies realized it was less costly to take a fine than to provide expensive health care plans for their employees. Some companies pulled back on existing health plans, but still the Democrats held firm. No Federal budget was put in place and piecemeal stop-gap spending measures that allowed the government to shut down became commonplace.

Truth is – we are spending way more than we can afford, but that is secondary to wavering public opinion. We keep shoving off debt to the future and continue on the path of becoming a financial fatality.

By the way, just how desperate is the Obama administration? Rope off the World War II monument where all that is required is walk-bys. Call the media and show veterans in wheelchairs banned due to those mean Republicans.

The Wayne County Soil & Water, who rents office space from the leased federal building on Leach Road, Lyons, were told to be out of the building on Monday morning due to the government shut-down. The water people have their own entrance, but Obama people want everybody to suffer. The County Buildings and Grounds, along with the IT Department hastily moved files and computers to the old Probation basement offices on William Street in Lyons. Soil and Water continued to operate, regardless of Democrat and stupid Obama tactics.

Life will go on, the federal government will move on, people will be relieved and all is well in Rome.