Monday, January 16th, 2017

I know I have addressed this before, but…

Wife Patti tells me not to answer the business phone late at night. Sometimes, just sometimes, I am bored with whatever is on TV, or what our conversation has to offer, and I pick up the phone.

“Did you know someone left the “f” word in a story on the front of the police page without putting in the dashes? They actually spelled out the word,” said the young woman.

“Well yes”, I answered politely.

“No, I mean they actually used the word,” she bemoaned, thinking I had not understood her original question.

Completely flabbergasted with my reply she demanded to know how many calls I had received concerning the matter. “None”, I replied. “Our readers know this paper does not pull punches when it comes to a quote,” I explained. I went on to point out that this paper has used the “f” word, the “s” word and even the “n” word when it is used in a quote. I told the woman there was a case where a man was arrested for several crimes after calling the victim a “fucking nigger” and used his quote in the story. I have the feeling that when the asshole woke up and sobered up he probably regretted his use of either word in his verbal attack and being dubbed a racist. I also doubt the victim of his tirade would have missed the intention if the man had said “f” word, “n’” word” in his rant.

Now, let me get this straight “n” word is defined as “nigger” and “f” word” is defined as fuck, whatever that means in swearing. So, technically if we say the “f” word, or use f_ _ k, it does translate to fuck. Got that? So, technically, we should not use the term “n” word, or the abbreviated “f” or f_ _ k, because that is bad.

I agree we should not have either the “n” word or the actual word and a host of others that demean people, but reality is that we do, and calling/naming it anything else is simply masking the language, or an attempt at fooling ourselves.

Now, the latest move is to ban the “r” word (retarded) and the “b” word, bossy. We can use the term “r” word, or “b” word since that means retarded, or bossy, and we simply translate it (hear it) in our minds, to be politically correct.

We have yet to jumped on a whole other list of bad, or offending words, but give us time and we will all be talking in just plain letters. (LOL)

Back to the woman on the phone. “Do you realize children may be reading those police pages,” she stammered. “Yup, and they probably already know what “f” word means,” I answered. The poor woman became even more frazzled and ended by hanging up.

“I told you not to answer the business phone late at night,” said Wife Patti with a scowl.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch. The TV and other assorted media told the story of the animal abuse case in Palmyra in many abbreviated ways so as not to shock the listeners, watchers, readers. They do that with many stories. We do not pull punches and that is why our readers will get the whole story, unedited, with bad language and some nasty pictures. Why? Because you should really know what is happening without the thought, by media, that you need to be sanitized.

I feel our readers are smart enough to  understand the realities of life in our Times.