Monday, January 16th, 2017

I was just getting over the knee surgery and walking without a cane. Yeah,   me!

On Monday night, I awoke with a severe pain in my right heel. I called the doctor, who said they could not see me until Tuesday, but referred me to a physical therapist on Monday at 10:30 a.m.

Wife Patti drove me over to Gananda Physical Therapy and, as we were about to pull into the driveway WHAMMO, we get hit from behind. (see story on page C4)

The SUV travelled about 60-70 feet off the road, almost hit a utility pole and the back deck of The Station convenience store.

You know how they say your life flashes before you at ‘that’ time. My neck flew forward, then backwards. All that flashed through my mind was  my neck surgeries and that pain. That, and the thought that only I could be pulling into a therapist’s office and get rear-ended in an accident.

Thanks to all the people who responded. Walworth and Macedon ambulance crews flipped a coin to see who would have to transport me to Newark-Wayne Hospital. Wife Patti seemed unhurt and the two people in the other car had minor injuries from their air bags deploying.

Of course, the lady in the other car blamed us for the accident. She said she only glanced down for a moment and we were in the road – silly us.

Five hours later they released me from the hospital after x-raying every part of my anatomy. The next day the GP’s office looked at my sore foot and suggested I go and see a podiatrist. Luckily, I already have one. (I actually have a list of 10 specialists this body has endured). Sore, but alive, on Tuesday afternoon I went to see the podiatrist, Carrie O’Neil. I have Achilles Tendentious. Yeah, me!

Back to the regular doctor’s office on Thursday for a required visit with some neck/shoulder pain from the accident. More meds to sleep through the night and gradually heal from “soft tissue” stuff.


Moving on. After the front page story about the dog ‘Blue’ who seemed to be un-adoptable at the Humane Society of Wayne County,there were numerous calls and applications for his adoption. Happy to say Blue now has a loving home.


There is an unusual story in this week’s Times. Wife Patti has documented her story of the imagined “love affair” she has had over the decades with Paul McCartney of Beatles fame. Yes, Wife Patti has told me many times that if she received THAT call from Sir Paul, she would drop me like a bad habit. In her story she tells of following (stalking) Paul since her first concert in 1964 to last weekend’s concert in Albany. Every time a song, or TV appearance plays, I must endure stories of how she grew up with the true love of her life.

Paul, schmall! I mean, the guy is in his 70s. What has he got that I don’t? I’ll bet if we look close there is a bald spot somewhere under that mop.