Monday, January 16th, 2017

Who you should vote/not vote for

It is time to give you my quasi -election year opinion of who you should vote for.
On the town/village races for supervisor/mayor/board/trustee seats…

• Do vote for any candidate who actually showed up for regular meetings and has an inkling of what the seat entails. Do not vote for any candidate who has not.. or has only showed up for any town/village/county meeting since they have announced their candidacy.

• Do not vote for anyone promising big changes since that ain’t gonna happen.

• Do not vote for any candidate who thinks there is waste/places to cut in budgets, without actually having read, or understood the budget process.

• Do not vote for a candidate who panders to a wish list.

• Do not vote for the guy/gal with the negative ad. They usually have little or no knowledge of the facts/truth.

• Do not vote for, or against a candidate based upon rumors and innuendos.

• Do not vote for a candidate simply because you like/dislike their party affiliation/national party platform. I keep telling people that local Democrats/Republicans/others may not always agree with a national party platform. Believe it, or not, there are a few Democrats I actually like (Not Obama, Pelosi, or Reid…).

I know this is not a big national/state election, but your vote, especially in our smaller communities really counts. I have seen numerous local elections come down to a tie, or one vote.

Moving right along…We hope many of you have adjusted to our new format, and as of this past week, our new website. My Son, Devin, has been kicking our butts for the past year to move towards the future of this newspaper. He is the one responsible for our new graphic look and the continuation of the company long after I have hung up my stirrups. He is a full partner in the company and, although we sometimes disagree, we are on the cutting edge of technology and GROWTH! Believe it, or not, he actually studies other formats and trends in the industry. Good shoulder on that lad, good genes.

I never would have believed that the Times would ever print as many as 48 pages in a single large format issue. Trust me, this will not be a regular thing. The size has to do with all the political ads and letters, etc.
We are still looking for input for what readers want. We also still need writers of every kind. You can reach myself, or Wife Patti at (315) 986-4300, or at Devin can be reached at

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