Tuesday, January 17th, 2017

Take that, NHL

The NHL has a new rule stating that if a player removes his helmet before a fight he will be charged an extra 2 minute penalty.  The move was supposed to deter fighting from games.  Two enforcers (Brett Gallant of the Islanders and the Devils Krys Barch) quickly found a loophole in the new rule.  During a preseason game this week, they took off each other’s helmets and then went at it.  Who says hockey players aren’t smart?

The Price of Embarrassment?

$375,000 if you’re Savannah State Tigers.  The FCS team and fourth-year members of the Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference were 60-point underdogs to No. 16 Miami last weekend.   Miami covered the spread, winning the game 77-7…..and that was after both coaches agreed to end the 4th quarter three minutes early!

Since moving to Div. I-AA in 2002, Savannah State is 18-104. The Tigers went 1-10 in each of the last three seasons and haven’t had a winning season since 1998.

So why is one of the worst teams in FCS playing a top-25 team?  Because it means a huge payday for a small school.

The paycheck from this game equals close to 10 percent of the school’s endowment and more than seven percent of the school’s reported $5.1 million athletics budget.

Sometimes it’s good to be wrong

In last week’s column I predicted that the Yankees would find a way to make it into the playoffs.  Well, I was wrong….the Yankees are out of the playoffs for just the 2nd time since the 1994 baseball strike.

Sports fans just assume the Yankees will make the post season every year.  The reality is that they’re getting older and the team is shot.  They still have deep pockets, but they don’t have a farm system to draw from.

As a Red Sox fan, I’m loving that Yankees fans have to wait until next year (and possibly longer) to watch their team in the postseason.  However, I’m a little disappointed that the Yankees won’t be around in the playoffs to beat up on.

Week 4 NFL Picks

How did I do last week?

Last Week: 8-7, Overall: 26-20, Locks of the week: 6-1, Upset Special: 1-3. This is probably the worst I’ve ever started the season. Better luck this week.

Locks of the Week:

Cincinnati at Cleveland | Winner: Cincinnati

Philadelphia at Denver | Winner: Denver

Upset Special:

New England at Atlanta | Winner: Atlanta

Baltimore at Buffalo | Winner: Buffalo

The Rest:

Arizona at Tampa Bay | Winner: Tampa Bay

Pittsburgh at Minnesota | Winner: Pittsburgh

N.Y. Giants at Kansas City | Winner: Kansas City

Indianapolis at Jacksonville | Winner: Indianapolis

Seattle at Houston | Winner: Seattle

Chicago at Detroit | Winner: Chicago

N.Y. Jets at Tennessee | Winner: Tennessee

Washington at Oakland | Winner: Oakland

Dallas at San Diego | Winner: San Diego

Early Week 4 Pick (Thursday Game):

Buffalo at Cleveland | Winner: Buffalo