Tuesday, September 26th, 2017

“Drain the swamp”? Not likely. The voters thought they saw something new in the Trump promises. There would be cooperation, hands over the aisle. Old time political madness would be quelled. Populist trends would see changes, America would be reinvented.

Instead of eliminating ‘Obama Care’ the Trump administration and Republican majority, who had eight years to come up with a plan, failed miserably. The first attempt at replacing medical coverage for all was little more than a joke, to both sides of the divide.
Repeating the Democrats attempt at health care, few, if any Republicans in the Congress even read, or had any idea what was in the bill.

Still, Trump and the Congress all got woodies standing before the press patting themselves on the back for a job less than well done.

Now, the Senate will dissect the original bill passed by Congress and, in all reality, start over.

The firing of the F.B.I. director was a shambles of confusion and miscommunication. Like many of the Trump-isms, Tweets and rhetoric, the President is becoming a joke, even to former supporters.

No one is surprised by what Trump pulls next. He keeps the media, public, foreign leaders and even his own staff in a state of chaos.

Tax cutting plans are incomplete, policies are forever changing and ‘who is on first’ is questionable.

Yes, there are still Trump supporters who would go to any lengths to build a wall somewhere. Yes, there is still hope that Trump will somehow surprise everybody by actually doing something besides ham for the cameras.

Meanwhile stupid accusations, special committees to investigate whatever and bickering continues between both Democrats and Republicans.

So much for draining the swamp. Seems we only polluted the pool even more. Democrats accuse Republicans and visa versa at ever opportunity.

What is next? What will the presidential elections look like in the future? Will we return to the old fart systems, or will the presidency become a running joke?
What about foreign affairs, will there ever become a balanced policy? Is the U.S. becoming ‘great again’ – only a pipe dream?

If indeed there is and should be a national health plan, both Democrats and Republicans need to work together and compromise. If indeed the country needs (it does) a comprehensive immigration plan, the only plan is working together.

I do not care about the first 100+ days of the president’s term. I do care about the perception that the president is a bit off his rocker. He needs to steady the ship and get a grip on tweets and rhetoric. You are the President, Mr. Trump, begin acting like one.