Monday, January 16th, 2017

To the residents of the Village of Macedon

Wake up, you morons!

When your current Mayor campaigned for office, she promised a new era, fresh air with the relations with the Town of Macedon. From day one, the fresh air smells like farts. Marie Cramer has strained every relationship, every controversy with the Town. If it isn’t sewers, it is fire, or ambulance services. Your Mayor would rather dance down a butterfly path than deal with real problems. Several Village Trustees have quit and several Village employees have jumped ship.

Don’t get me wrong, the town reps haven’t been all roses and air freshener along the way, but the lawsuits and continued spending are driving the Village to the point of disaster.

Your mayor even tried to get rid of coverage in this paper by throwing us out as the legal newspaper for the village. It didn’t work, as she was surprised to see our reporter continue meeting coverage in hopes of a Cumbaya relationship with another (much, much smaller) paper. We stuck to her like glue.

Meanwhile, Cramer has imposed her will with snide remarks and even threats to fellow Village trustees to keep her power trip going. “She has a ‘control thing’ said one of her supporters on the board. Fortunately, like many South American and Middle East bullies before her, the power is waning and the end is closing in on her and the few followers she has not estranged.

Mayor Cramer is delusional in her approach. She fails to see the handwriting on the wall. After an almost disastrous ambulance call last week, the pulling of the Village Ambulance private billing, and the winning of the Town’s suit to allow the Town Ambulance to cover the Village, the Mayor is still trying to pull a fast one. She will attempt to contract with outside ambulance services to thwart the town encroaching into her realm.

Cramer’s conduct at meetings is becoming laughable. She, and some traditionalists, fail to realize the glory days of the village are over. Lyons, more of a village than Macedon ever was, is currently folding up their tent and combining all government control under the town banner.

I invite Macedon Village residents to attend this week’s Village Board meeting on Wednesday (7/23) at 7 p.m. sharp. It should be very interesting, as a resolution will be presented to disband the Village Ambulance. This is just one more nail in the eventual coffin of the village government. The fire department is no longer financially viable and will be the next to go.

Hopefully a peaceful transition – away from the outmoded village – will follow, but not without Mayor Marie Cramer asking Village residents to  commit hari kari by spitting into the wind.

To those Macedon Village residents who are offended by my labeling them ‘morons’, you are morons if you let this feud and slow demise continue. Oh, and yes, your mayor is a bit off kilter, chasing rainbows and grants along the way.