Monday, January 16th, 2017

Thumbs Down
The NFL has scheduled three games in London next season. The games will be hosted by Jacksonville, Atlanta and Oakland. Why deprive NFL fans of one home game for their favorite team when you can deprive three groups of fans? NFL Europe, here we come!

Thumbs Up
The Red Sox advance! The Dodgers and Red Sox were the first two teams to clinch playoff series this week. Could this be a sign that we’re headed for the first Red Sox/Dodgers World Series since 1916? Actually, in 1916 the Dodgers were called the Robins and they called Brooklyn their home….just to clarify so I don’t receive e-mails. Looking to impress your friends with your endless sports knowledge? In Game 2 of that series, Babe Ruth set a record that still stands to this day…and it had nothing to do with hitting. He actually got the win 2-1 in 14 innings. It was the first game he ever started in a World Series and it marked the longest complete game in World Series history.

Thumbs Down
I would have loved to see the Pittsburgh Pirates advance in the playoffs. They had a good chance to advance, but couldn’t take advantage. At least they got to celebrate with champagne twice this season.

Thumbs Up
Coach Mike Tomlin has banned all games in the locker room after the team’s 0-4 start. This means players will no longer be able to play ping pong and pool before or after games. Instead they will need to focus on football. It kind of make sense to me….the only bad news is the players were getting really good at ping pong….a sport they may have had a chance at winning this year.
The Colts plan to honor Denver’s Peyton Manning for his 14 seasons with the organization when the Colts and Broncos play in Week 7.

Thumbs Down
I haven’t talked much about either of my fantasy football teams this year. There’s a reason. I had a great draft in both leagues this year, but have been hit with the injury bug. My team is so depleted, I had to start Cleveland’s third option at wideout…Davone Bess this week. To add insult to injury, the team I was playing last week had the perfect fantasy football lineup. It could go down as the worst fantasy football loss in history. His team of Tony Romo, Jamal Charles, Fred Jackson, Dez Bryant, TY Hilton, Ashlon Jeffrey, Jimmy Graham, Justin Tucker and the 49ers defense dropped a record 270 points on me. I finished with 87.

Week 6 NFL Picks
How did I do last week?
Last Week: 9-5, Overall: 45-32, Locks of the week: 9-3, Upset Special: 4-5. Improving…slowly.

Locks of the Week:
Jacksonville at Denver | Winner: Denver
Tennessee at Seattle | Winner: Seattle

Upset Special:
Indianapolis at San Diego | Winner: San Diego
Cincinnati at Buffalo | Winner: Buffalo

The Rest:
Green Bay at Baltimore | Winner: Green Bay
Philadelphia at Tampa Bay | Winner: Philadelphia
Pittsburgh at N.Y. Jets | Winner: Pittsburgh
Carolina at Minnesota | Winner: Minnesota
Oakland at Kansas City | Winner: Kansas City
St. Louis at Houston | Winner: Houston
Detroit at Cleveland | Winner: Detroit
New Orleans at New England | Winner: New Orleans
Arizona at San Francisco | Winner: San Francisco
Washington at Dallas | Winner: Dallas
Seattle at Arizona (Thursday 10/17) | Winner: Seattle