Thursday, January 19th, 2017

Thumbs down

Denver Broncos. Thankfully, I did not place a bet on a Broncos win. I should have known the game was going to be ugly after even the coin flip was intercepted. That was the worst game I’ve seen since the Bills lost to Dallas in Super Bowl XXVII and the earliest I’ve ever gone to sleep on a Super Bowl Sunday. The early betting favorites for next year’s Super Bowl are Seattle (7-1) and Denver (8-1) along with San Francisco (8-1). In case you were wondering, a year ago, the favorites to reach this year’s Super Bowl were New England and San Francisco. The Houston Texans were given better odds to make it than Seattle, and Houston finished 2-14. This is why I don’t bet on sports.

Thumbs up

The Lakers beat Cleveland 119-108 Wednesday night despite having only 4 eligible players. Here’s the story…Los Angeles started the night with only eight players available. Two players left the game with injuries and another fouled out.  This left the Lakers with only five players remaining late in the game.  With less than four minutes left on the clock, Robert Sacre picked up his sixth foul. Now what? Apparently, NBA teams are not allowed to play with only four players on the floor. So the Lakers were assessed a technical foul and Sacre remained in the game.

The Lakers won the game with the following starting lineup: Steve Blake, Jordan Farmar, Wesley Johnson, Ryan Kelly, and Robert Sacre. It really sucks to be a Cleveland sports fan.

Thumbs Down

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll and Seattle Mayor Ed Murray urged schools to excuse absences for the Super Bowl parade last Wednesday. Yeah, let’s teach kids early on that they should put sports before studies.  Police estimated the crowd at 700,000 for the parade (larger than Seattle’s population). Of course lots of kids and teachers called in sick.

Thumbs Up

With Arizona’s loss to Cal last weekend and Syracuse’s exciting win over Duke in overtime, the Orange finally took the top spot in the rankings. I love that Syracuse is winning the close games this season, but I’m not super confident about their chances in the tournament.

Thumbs Up

The Winter Olympics. I’m a huge fan of the Summer and Winter Olympics.  The history, the storylines, the round-the-clock sports coverage….you can’t beat it!  Let the games begin!