Thursday, January 19th, 2017

Okay, regular followers of this column know I have a “thing” for vacuum cleaners — bordering on an obsession. With a shedding Cavalier King Charles dog, two Siamese and one all-black cat, along with a constantly shedding Wife Patti, I find it a MUST to vacuum daily. Actually, due to my (let’s say)  compulsive need to clean, sometimes I have been know to vacuum more than once per day.

I am constantly searching, reviewing the latest in vacuum cleaner technology. What really sucks? What is over-rated? What is best for animal fur? Wife hair? Is the Dyson’s claim to fame worth the investment?

I have owned probably a dozen, or more vacuums over the past five years, much to the mocking nature of my family. If I find something better, I buy it. My kids have been the benefactors of my used vacuums, some much less than a year old.

Hand held, upright, bag, bag-less, Dyson, Hoover, Sears, Bissell, Eureka, I have owned and discarded them all.

After much research and reading, along with those internet approvals and disapprovals, I bought a new machine last week. All it took for Wife Patti to agree with my purchase was to butter her up with a bunch of new clothes.

Yes, she often thinks I need medication and counseling for my vacuum cleaner love, but she always agrees with the outcome.

Son Devin and his wife Christy, were the recipients of last week’s vacuum castoffs, the top of the line Bissel and a Dyson handheld cordless.

I found a vacuum that is both all-in- one –an  upright and a canister along with a handheld for extra measure.

Once I got the prize home, the assembly took brief minutes. It out-sucked everything in the past and was far above the Dyson, including the price.

The Shark Rotator 3-in-1 Lift-Away Vacuum is a bagless wonder machine with an additional set of ergonomic attachments, including ones for computer board and small crevice cleaning.

It has an extra long cleaning reach, swivel steering and never loses suction. It is much quieter and lighter than my previous purchases. I have used the machine in every configuration and have found it to be superior to all.

The machine can be purchased online for about $200 bucks, plus shipping, or use your Bed Bath and Beyond 20% off coupon and get it at the store for about the same $200.

Yes, you can purchase vacuums for as little as 40 bucks, but you get what you pay for. This machine is the top of the line and far cheaper than an equivalent (?) Dyson model.


Last week we added a new columnist, Frank Maciuska, a Walworth resident currently working in China. Frank’s column introduces readers to this most populous and misunderstood  country and the people and places he encounters. I highly recommend Franks’ column to those with open minds.


The County is in big trouble with its 2014 budget. Expect many cuts and changes heading this way. I fully expect the Board of Supervisors to look at possibly cutting sales tax contributions to school districts.