Monday, January 16th, 2017

This never should have happened

It was hardly a blip on the local TV news. A two year-old boy dies in a tractor accident in the Town of Butler. Before some readers go bonkers on why I am bringing up the death of this little boy and the additional pain it will bring to the family, read on.

This accident should never  have  happened. The father, Greg Northrup, was on an old beat-up tractor that had its fenders removed. In place of a tractor seat, an old Dodge Caravan mini van back seat was installed.

With his 2 year-old, adopted son next to him on the tractor, at 8:13 p.m. on Monday (4/26), Northrup made a quick, sharp turn into a parking spot. The unsecured child went flying off the tractor, his head was run over and crushed by the left rear tire.

The little boy had a short, hard life. His original mother had been a drug addict and his new father seemingly a jerk.

According to police on the scene, the family began screaming at each other, Greg bemoaning how he would probably now lose his wife and his farm.

I know this was a tragedy all the way around, but ask yourself this question; Would Greg Northrup be more under the legal microscope if he had been driving a car and a two year-old child was not buckled in and the child died?

Why is it that every year a child is injured or killed by somebody allowing them on a dangerous piece of farm equipment? Who is going to seek justice for the two year-old boy?

A child is dead because of pure stupidity and besides tears, there must be some reckoning. Bottom line, this should never have happened and adults who think they are somehow bonding with little children by putting them in a dangerous situation should considered this little boy. The same goes for those wonderful lawn tractor rides. It only takes a second before someone is injured, or a little two year-old has his head crushed in a senseless accident.

Regardless of some people’s opinion this should not simply be chalked up as an unfortunate accident, Wayne County District Attorney Rick Healy said the incident is under investigation.