Sunday, January 22nd, 2017

There’s No Place Like Home

No shock here….LeBron heads back to Cleveland and Carmelo Anthony remains a Knick.  I love how Melo said he was a “New York Knick at heart” and just couldn’t leave New York. Yes, he did take a $6-million pay cut in staying with the Knicks, but the most he could have earned with another team was $73-million over four years. So in addition to following his heart, he’ll earn an extra $50-million.

There’s no place like “home” for LeBron either.

Hopefully, this facade of “I want to go back home” is fooling no one. I don’t think LeBron simply loves northern Ohio more than Miami. He left Miami for the money.

The Cavs were one of only two teams that were able to offer LeBron the maximum contract….the other being the Phoenix Suns. While playing with an all-star roster that includes household names like P.J. Tucker, Channing Frye, and Miles Plumlee is pretty tempting, it’s not the same as teaming with premier point guard Kyrie Irving and the first overall pick of the 2014 draft…Andrew Wiggins.

This move may be all about money, but Cleveland fans could care less. They can finally look forward to a new season. Good for LeBron, good for Cleveland and good for sports.

Interesting Note:

For the first time in NBA history, a team will have four number one overall picks together under contract on one team: LeBron James (2003), Kyrie Irving (2011), Anthony Bennett (2013), and Andrew Wiggins (2014)

Baseball is in trouble

The number of viewers of Tuesday night’s All-Star Game was roughly 11-million, pretty much the same as the last three years. By comparison, in 1976 when the U.S. population was smaller, 36-million people watched the game. To really drive this point home…..more people watched this year’s Pro Bowl than watched Derek Jeter’s last All-Star game.

Speaking of Jeter….

Even as a Red Sox fan, how cool was it to see a player come to bat and the opposing pitcher and his teammates applaud? That’s the respect that Derek Jeter commands around baseball. He’s always been well respected, because he’s always played with class. The league is going to miss him.

Out of the Woods

The British Open is more interesting with Tiger Woods playing. The Masters and U.S. Open suffered ratings losses and didn’t have the same excitement without Woods participating.

Yes, Tiger hasn’t won a Major in six years, and I’m starting to believe he’ll never win one again….but he just makes the game more interesting.