Tuesday, January 17th, 2017

The good, the bad and the ugly

The Good…..

The Final Four is this weekend and it features #1 seed Florida, #2 Wisconsin, #7 UConn and #8 Kentucky. The great brackets I bragged about last week were busted before most of you received the paper. I’m picking a Florida-Kentucky final.

As of Thursday night, the San Antonio Spurs franchise-record winning streak is now at 19 games.

Carle Place High School (Long Island) junior, Mike Delio’s first varsity start for on Long Island couldn’t have gone much better. Delio struck out all 21 batters he faced in pitching a perfect game against Hempstead on Tuesday.

It’s baseball season again! The Red Sox lost their season opener against Baltimore, but recovered nicely with a 6-2 win on Wednesday night. They are currently leading the Orioles 4-2 in the bottom of the sixth inning as I am writing this. The Yankees are 0-2.

The Bad…

So this baseball instant replay thing that was supposed to resolve bad calls, still seems to have some problems. During the Giants Tuesday night game against Arizona, San Francisco lost an appeal on a pick off at first base. (It looked like the Giants nabbed A.J. Pollock and it appeared that both the umps and replay were wrong.) Then as luck would have it, later in the sequence, Pollock scored on a passed ball. It looked like the umps got that one wrong too, but the Giants were out of challenges so they couldn’t go to the replay. The Giants wound up losing the game by that one run.

Tiger Woods won’t be playing in the Masters due to back surgery. I’m sorry, it just won’t be the same without him. TV ratings will sag. A day after the news, ticket prices for the tournament quickly dropped 20% on the secondary market.

Donald Trump says he’s been approached about buying the Buffalo Bills. Trump said “I’ll take a look at it.”  Believe me, I want the Bills to stay in Buffalo just as much as the next guy, but I can only imagine how much more damage would be done to the Bills with Trump’s name on the team.

The Ugly…

The New York Knicks, with a 33-43 record, are currently in the 8th and final playoff spot. Enough said.

The new Angels hitting coach Don Baylor suffered a broken thigh bone while trying to catch the ceremonial first pitch from Vladimir Guerrero.

Opening day became closing day for other players….Toronto shortstop Jose Reyes injured his hamstring during his first at bat, Washington catcher Wilson Ramos was knocked out of the opener with a broken hand, Mets closer Bobby Parnell has a partially torn elbow ligament, Dodgers reliever Brian Wilson, is on the disabled list with an elbow problem and teammate Clayton Kershaw hurt his back after making the Opening Day start.