Tuesday, January 17th, 2017

The definition of mentally ill

Yet another mass shooting, this time in the Nation’s capital. Twelve people lost their lives, plus the shooter. The media jumped on the mental illness issue, pointing out the shooter had a troubled past and sought help in the weeks leading up to the massacre at veteran’s medical facilities.

The question arises, “Why did he do it?” Pundits like to blame somebody… anybody. I have just a few thoughts. If the shooter was ‘mentally ill’, why did he take the time to practice at a shooting range the day before the onslaught? Seems to me that was a pretty sane thing to do, get used to the shot gun before going on a planned rampage.

The shooter was smart enough to be on the team working on computer updates at the Navy facility. That must mean he was no slouch as far as brains go.

Look, you have to be somewhat off kilter to randomly enter a building and begin shooting people. Seems like many people in these positions want to survive, but become fodder of their own folly.

Some people are lost in a fast moving society. They become a number, a nothing, unless they can make a viable contribution to the world. You almost never see a happily married man going on a shooting spree. A person loved rarely resorts to violence in such a manner. The unsuccessful business person may end it all by jumping out a window, but never takes others along for the ride.

The other way to immortality, if you feel like a failure to mankind or yourself, is by taking a whole bunch of innocent people’s lives on the way out.

The media swoop in,  CNN and Fox News run days of coverage for something that took only an hour. They repeat the same story, the same shooter’s picture and name in endless recycles. They dig up ‘experts’ in every conceivable field with promises of answering the question “Why?”

I realize the media must cover the news, but how many mass shootings are the result of heavy media coverage making the nobody into a somebody?

We blame guns, cut backs in mental health coverage, working conditions, the ‘final straw that broke the camel’s back’ for creating mass shooters, but again, how many of the killers came from loving, successful situations?

The man who killed 12 people in Washington got his name and picture splattered across our TV screens for days. He has become the immortal person, getting the acclaim, he could never achieve in life.

Now for the media reporting of the Washington shooting. Before all the facts became facts, several news outlets reported one, no two, definitely three shooters involved. One of the second shooters had a paramilitary outfit on. Only one person was reported mortally injured, no three, make that ten, no 12 people were killed.

“Facts” were tossed about in every effort to beat the other guys to the punch. This is the result of the 24 hour news cycle and demand for viewers and ratings.

Yes, we are just as guilty. We are glued to the internet and soak up as truth every word typed into the abyss. So, who is really mentally unstable?