Thursday, January 19th, 2017

The Children, The Lawsuit

The initial shot over the bow was fired last week when former Walworth Assessor and current Wayne County Real Property Director Karen Ambroz filed papers against Walworth Town Supervisor Bob Plant.

It all began when Karen Ambroz allegedly began swirling rumors about the current Walworth Assessor and her ability to do her job and her salary.

Plant, upset with the accusations, confronted Ambroz and a lively argument ensued. Ambroz reportedly began crying and this is where the encounter gets a bit sketchy. She claims Plant tried to grab her wrist and prevent her from leaving her office. The argument even continued outside onto the street.

Rumors and innuendos have been rampant for weeks. As stupid rumors often do, I even heard someone say Plant had knocked Karen down.

Although the alleged incident occurred sometime in early August, no arrest was ever made and no official police report was filed by Ambroz.

Behind the scenes, threats were swirling and it was even suggested at a Walworth Republican Committee meeting, headed at the time by Karen’s husband, Karel, that Plant’s name be removed from the ballot for this November’s election.

Plant, the Walworth Supervisor for the past eight years is stepping down as Supervisor after promising, at the beginning of his term, that he believed in term limits and would only serve eight years. Bob, however, wanted to continue serving the Town as a Board member.

Karen Ambroz, in her legal filings is now suing Plant and the town of Walworth for injuries, specifically personal injuries, pain and suffering and emotional distress she allegedly sustained in the incident.

The paperwork does not include a dollar amount sought for compensation, noting that the total amount is “presently unknown but continuing.”

Isn’t it ironic how the legal filing comes out just before an election? Just how did some questionable media find out about the filing?

Okay everybody, let’s step back and take a breath.

Former friends Bob and Karel are now sort of enemies. Bob refuses to even be in the same room during County Committee meetings when Karen Ambroz is present. Board of Supervisor and County employees are all joking about never being caught alone with Karen.

Little children! They are all acting like little children!

Here is my solution for the problem. GROW UP. The Court is full of silly lawsuits and this qualifies as one of them. Karen is a good person and apparently does a good job at the County level, but should stop all rumors and keep her mouth shut. Bob Plant is a good man, but should never have carried the incident to the point he did. Friend and Attorney Tony Villani should have know better, and not filed stupid papers in a frivolous matter.

Pot stirrer Mike Jacobs should keep his mouth shut in this and all political matters, since neither Republicans, nor his new found Democrat friends think he has much character. His wife, Walworth Town Clerk, Susie Jacobs, who is up for re-election, is okay, but should distance herself from the brouhaha.

For the rest of the nanner-nanner rumor spreaders and believers, the old guard who can stoke a fire without Twitter and Facebook, go to hell in a hand basket.

Life is short and hatred and friendships should not end over the trivial we encounter on the way. There, I have done my job concerning this stupid incident and legal filling.

Sorry to bore all the non-Walworth readers.