Monday, January 16th, 2017

The Buffalo Sabres select….

So Buffalo was pretty active before this year’s trade deadline. First they trade Ryan Miller and Steve Ott to St. Louis in exchange for Chris Stewart and Jaroslav Halak. Just when Halak was getting comfortable in Buffalo, he gets traded with a 2015 third-round draft pick to Washington in exchange for goalie, Michal Neuvirth (whose numbers are identical to Halak’s) and defenseman, Rostislav Klesla who will help out the Sabres defensive core.

Nothing too crazy so far….but the Sabres weren’t done. They then go off to trade some of their better forwards in Matt Moulson and Cody McCormick to the Minnesota Wild in exchange for forward, Torrey Mitchell, a 2014 second-round draft pick and a 2016 second-round draft pick.

It is pretty obvious to me that Buffalo has not only given up this year, but they have pretty much conceded any chance of winning next year too. It looks like the plan is to lock up the first pick in the first round for the next few drafts and completely rebuild the team.

If they can keep up this ugly play for another year, they may just lock up future NHL star Connor McDavid.

No more chip shots…

Since extra points are rarely missed in the NFL, they’ve considered moving the extra point from the 2-yard line to the 25. That would make an extra point 43 yards and perhaps force more teams to try for two points instead. Why stop there? I say they put a bullseye on the net and make them hit that and if they do, everyone wins a free taco or maybe they can make it a moving target….or better yet require teams to go for a two point conversion every time.

Not looking good….

Syracuse continues to fade, losing at home to a weak Georgia Tech team 67-62 last week. Syracuse continues to play to the level of its competition. This does not bode well for them.

Here’s some crazy stats to make you feel even worse about their chances to go deep in the NCAA tournament. Here is where Syracuse ranks in stats out of 351 Division I basketball teams:

Points per game: 255th, rebounds per game: 167th, assists per game 222nd, field goal percentage: 200th

We all knew that Syracuse hasn’t been consistent on offense, it’s their defense that’s the best in the nation, right?

Not quite…

Here’s where they rank in defensive stats:

Defensive rebounds per game: 304th, Blocks per game 46th, steals 23rd. They are 9th in points allowed.

Yes, they play a tougher schedule, but the stats show a team that has some weaknesses.

More days off from work

Apparently there aren’t enough holidays. There’s a petition going around to declare Opening Day in baseball a national holiday. They need 100,000 signatures by March 26th for the White House to respond.

They have almost 60,000 with only a few weeks to go. Isn’t it sad that 60,000 people are eager to sign a petition to get another day off from work, but those same people probably wouldn’t take the time to sign a petition that actually could lead to a real change in our country.

Plus, I can think of many more appropriate national sports holidays….what about Super Bowl Monday? The NFL Draft? The first day of the NCAA tournament?

In fact, why go to work at all? We should all just retire and enjoy sports every day.