Wednesday, January 18th, 2017

New Stuff …. Again

We would like to welcome Newark resident and long time journalist John Zornow to our staff. John will be contributing the “Newark History Timeline” on page 8; with columnist Frank Maciuska from Walworth, with his take on living in China.

In addition, you may notice  new layouts on some of the pages as we define out ‘look’. Believe, it or not, we are cramming more news in every issue than ever before.

As we speak, the two Holdraker siblings are designing a fresh, new look to the Times website at It should make travelling the website even easier and contain more news and information. Expect that to be put in place in a few weeks.


On the Sodus Point firefighters featured story on last week’s front page —TV Channel 13 and 10 picked up the story from our website and several radio stations also made fodder out of the story.

The Times has broken more stories than ever the last few months and our website news partner, WHAM TV has worked with us to provide even more coverage of Wayne County and regional news.

One of the brain trusts from the Sodus Point debacle was so dumb he posted the following on his Facebook page: Eric Frisbie wrote…

Did jake and I do something stupid? … yes, am I embarrassed? yes … .. we got drunk and while walking back to our campsite we went into to enchanted  forest we did not break in it was wide open we took 2 racks of ribs, a bag of prizes, and 3 big bags of dippin dots!…We then walked back to the campsite with it, where EVERYONE there ate the ice cream helped us put the meat in S.P.F.D (Sodus Point Fire Department) coolers and played with the bag of prizes!. … Then a fellow fire fighter who is a cop, decided what we did would risk his job and went into town to tell the cops! Never mind the fact we all drove and rode in the fire truck M-72 drinking and driving into town the previous day to watch water ball with the cop in the truck that was ok …. or the fact that he was taking pictures of our president of the S.P.F.D with his pistol to a helpless deer’s head when we were feeding it!…but then everyone at the campsite took everything out of the coolers and put it in a big pile on our cabin porch to wait for the police! …. my brother had nothing to do with this situation he just tried to stick up for his family when the cops abused there authority at the bar to apprehend us …. f**ing pigs!”

Good to know you burned all those bridges with the rest of the fire department guys who may have contributed to the shenanigans.


Kudos to the heating and air conditioning jerk who bought up all the Times papers in the Town of Ontario last week. He thought he could keep his news and mug quiet, by trying to buy last minute advertising? We have more paid subscribers in Ontario than newsstand sales there.

Cha Ching…we made more money, restocked the newsstands and the whole incident got big play on several radio stations.

Gee, think you will ever get those ads in this paper now?

We have strict rules and scruples.