Sunday, January 22nd, 2017

Here are some sobering facts to digest.

Since the school shooting at Connecticut’s Sandy Hook Elementary School, there have been, on average, one school shooting per week in the U.S. This does not include mass shooting incidents at shopping centers, work places, parks, etc. Although other countries occasionally report such incidents, there is nothing like the staggering number in this country.

Although gun control advocates want more restrictions on guns, the overwhelming number of shooting incidents are generated with legally purchased weapons.

Anti-government rhetoric is growing, especially among groups in the mid-western and southern states. Call it Tea Party, or whatever, people are simply fed up with government. Regardless of who sits in the chair, who the voters approve, officials all seem to fit into a perfect mold once elected. It seems to be survival of the richest, the one who know how to play the system to get reelected. Both Republicans and Democrats are guilty of playing politics to gain public opinion points.

Last week, the second most powerful member of Congress, Eric Cantor had his political head handed to him on a platter. A sure-win primary turned into the most embarrassing upset in Republican history.

Instead of a political hack like Cantor, Congress will now welcome a even more conservative, anti-just-about-everything Tea Party advocate, David Brat.

There are two real takes on why Cantor was ousted.

1. The American voter simply did not turn out for Cantor support, either thinking it was a sure race, or they simply did not care.

2. The once declared “dead” Tea Party still has some legs and more conservatism is on the way.

Political pundits are already saying any immigrant reform for next year is dead on arrival.

Meanwhile, those in power are trying hard to figure out what they should support, or keep at a long arm’s distance. Remember, it is survival of the politically correct (fittest) in Washington, Albany and in our own County seat in Lyons.

For years, I have been calling for term limits on just about every political office. This would do away with huge political war chests, stagnant thinking and the “survival attitude” of elected officials.

I would also plug every hole in campaign financing and limit the sheer number of stupid laws being bantered about. The committee system for advancing legislation would include a set waiting period for all knee-jerk legislation, capping the heart-over-mind changing public opinion wave.

I would thoroughly review all government mandates, especially the unfunded, coming down from Washington and Albany.

I would require all politicians to completely read and understand what they are voting for, and the impact it would have on society.

I would admit that government cannot solve all problems and we should quit looking beyond the family core for answers to why there are so many screwed up, sick people.

MEDICAL UPDATE: Had knee surgery, and don’t need a stent!