Sunday, January 22nd, 2017

Brother knows best?

Peyton Manning is heading to New Jersey next week to play in the Super Bowl at MetLife Stadium.  Little brother, Eli Manning (who plays his home games at MetLife Stadium), said he would give some helpful tips to his brother about playing in the stadium.

If I was Peyton, I would stick to my instincts rather than listen to Eli. Eli had a 4-6 home record this year.

I wish baseball games were longer!

Major League Baseball announced the approval of an expanded replay system where managers can have up to two challenges per game.

Managers get one challenge. If they get it right they can have a second. There will be no managerial challenges after the 6th inning. The replays will be decided at a central command post, like hockey. To overturn a call the video has to be “clear and convincing.”

I was actually thinking that the one thing wrong with baseball was that the games weren’t long enough! I may need to start recording games so I can not only skip the commercials and time between pitches, but now the replays as well.

Is it better to be a Bills fan?

The Cleveland Browns hired Bills first-year Defensive Coordinator, Mike Pettine this week. It’s obvious that Cleveland was running out of options to fill the spot vacated by Coach Rob Chudzinski (when he was fired after one season in Cleveland).  When other potential candidates declined interviews or chose other teams, the Browns found themselves scrambling to find a new head coach.

A little background on Mike Pettine…

He went from a high school coaching position to an entry-level job with the Ravens in 2001. In 2005, he became Baltimore’s linebackers coach and in 2009 he became the Jets defensive coordinator (even though Rex Ryan made most of the calls on defense).  Last year Pettine joined the Bills and finally had full responsibility for the defense.

How did he do….?

Buffalo finished 6-10, gave up 388 points and had the league’s 28th-ranked run defense (128.9 yards per game). Oh…and Pettine has never worked on the offensive side of the ball.

Don’t get me wrong….I liked it when the Bills hired him last year….as a Defensive Coordinator, but as an unproven coach on either side of the ball, I think the Browns will find themselves in a similar situation next year.

Let’s take a $155 million gamble before someone else does!

Highly-touted Japanese pitcher Masahiro Tanaka agreed to terms with the New York Yankees on a seven- year $155 million contract. Additionally, the Yankees paid his Japanese team a $20 million posting fee to obtain his services.

Did the Yankees add an impact player or will Tanaka be a bust like many of the other pitchers from Japan before him?

I guess it’s worth the $155 gamble when you had a year like the Yankees.