Tuesday, January 17th, 2017

I’m on a roll…

I have talked about this before, but in light of several new cases, why not get people worked up even more.

You are a common thief. You are not someone stealing to make ends meet. All too often you steal hundreds of dollars in a single trip, only to sell the ill-begotten loot for money, more likely in exchange for drugs.

Every week there are several cases in the Law & Order section involving people charged with Petit Larceny. I was thinking of starting a new column head for just Thefts, much like we currently do for Drugs, DWI’s and Domestic Violence.

Just a couple of highlights found in the Law & Order section this week…

Newark Village Police reported the arrest on Wednesday (5/7) of Amy Ward, age 33, of Route 31 West in Newark for Petit Larceny.

It is alleged that Ward stole $612.43 worth of merchandise including pet supplies, toys, clothes and other miscellaneous items from the Walmart store…

In another case…

State Police in Wolcott reported the arrest on Tuesday (5/6) of Shaumyk A. Santiago, age  21, of  St. Paul Street in Rochester for Burglary 2nd. 

Investigation revealed that on  January 8th of this year Santiago entered a residence located at 13601 State Route 370 in the Town of Wolcott and stole numerous pieces of jewelry and then pawned them at the Jewelry and Coin Exchange located in Greece NY. 

Yet, another…

Newark Village Police reported the arrest on Wednesday (5/7) of Laurie Wheaton, age 46, of  Stuart Avenue in Newark after she allegedly stole $26.20 worth of items including Bic lighters, gel pens and batteries from the Dollar General store.

There is another case pending, where a woman entered a Walmart locally, only to apologize at the customer counter for her past habits of shoplifting. By the way, the same woman left the store a short time later with a basket full of merchandise she hadn’t paid for.

Then, there are the dozen or so arrests at Eastview Mall every week.

Now, having been in loss prevention for almost 30 years, I can tell you – for every one person caught, the vast majority go unscathed by an arrest. Same in home and business burglaries.

You may think a small trinket – can of tuna, clothing – are somehow your right to getting back at the stores. You may think a burglary is an easy way out of real work. Bottom line, you are a thief. You cost the rest of us a fortune in higher costs and easily add 3% to our bottom line.

Yes, next week I am going to highlight a separate column for the reported arrested thieves. I doubt this will make any difference to the vast majority, but perhaps a little more notoriety and notice is called for.