Tuesday, September 26th, 2017

Let’s Cheer Mediocrity!

The US soccer team made it to the round of 16! Should we be excited?? It seems a little strange that everyone is excited after a 0-1 loss to Germany. I know Germany’s a good team and a one goal loss isn’t bad, but we shouldn’t need Portugal’s help to get into the round of 16.  We shouldn’t be “playing for a draw” and we shouldn’t be content with just making the round of 16.

Everyone says that the US team has exceeded expectations and that they weren’t supposed to make it out of the ‘Group of Death’, but if soccer is truly the “next big thing” in this country, shouldn’t we have higher expectations?

Every four years, soccer becomes a national sensation for Americans.  Millions skip work to tune into the games and people become overnight soccer fans and experts. Then a few weeks later when Team USA inevitably gets knocked out of the tournament, the entire nation forgets about the sport until the next World Cup comes around.

Don’t get me wrong, I love watching the World Cup and I get caught up in all the drama like everyone else, but I’m not going to pretend I keep up on the soccer world after the World Cup.

I was talking to a co-worker today and he was commenting on different players and asked me what I thought about the team’s strategy and if I thought starting this guy over this other guy was a good idea. I looked at him blankly and told him that I had not watched ESPN last night, so I wasn’t going to pretend to be an expert, like so many others.

I’ve actually played soccer since I was five years old and really enjoy watching it on TV, but I still couldn’t name more than three players on the team.

I do think that the US Soccer Team has held their own against some decent teams, but I don’t think the US will ever truly be a powerhouse on the world stage. I love the excitement of the World Cup and I’ll be watching and cheering on the US soccer team over the next week, but once they get knocked out of the tournament, I’ll happily move on to the next “big thing”…..every other sport.