Tuesday, September 26th, 2017

Just how much do they get paid?

Watching news on TV is a quandary at best. The other day while switching between news coverages I could not help but question the qualifications of those spewing ‘opinion’ on various news stories.
They are identified as ‘political analysts’, whatever that means, or whatever qualifications one must have to be called a ‘political analyst.’

Then there are the ‘specialists’, former ‘journalists’????, ‘military advisors’, ‘medical experts’, financial gurus, ‘political insiders’, psychologists, religious zealots and former ‘whatevers’, all sounding like they are the final answer to what the story is about, or what was REALLY said.

“The President did not hug the child at the disaster, he is an uncaring person, obviously.” “Did you see the President’s eyebrow, how it flinched when he spoke those words?’

News, hard news, has been replaced by speculation, second guessing, and opinions. The reporter in the field no longer reports, but adds his/her color play and two cents to the story.

I watch many news shows and documentaries on numerous subjects, therefore, I could be considered an “expert” on just about everything. “Dog poop? Why, yes, I have knowledge on that subject.”

“Why, yes, I can be on call 24/7 to offer my ‘take’ on why that crazed killer picked his nose while cameras caught him leaving the courtroom.”

I dare you to watch any (most) stories on either local, or national news and estimate just how much of the reporting weaves in opinion.

It never used to be this way, but ratings/dollars have demanded that pure news coverage is all but a fantasy. You have to be hard right, hard left, pro-this, con-that to get paid. There must be a stable of ‘specialists’ to speculate, lay out for you what the news actually means.

Maybe it is time that all these news pundits tell the listeners how much they are being paid to lace the news with gobbledygook? Imagine, just under their picture flashes the amount the news organization is paying these creeps to creep in on the news.

Some of the ‘additions’ to new stories are ‘duh’ remarks, most are just nothing more that slants on the actual news piece.

Maybe it is much cheaper to hire the ‘specialists’. Hard news is hard to do and just maybe we want our opinions handed to us, rather than think and develop or own thoughts.
Can’t possibly fill in all the time on the newscast? Give the listeners a slightly-tilted poll question. Make it sound like it is really their opinion on the way we slant the news.

What annoys me the most is that the news folks only seem to give us what we want. We are ready to accept opinion over news, regardless of how much the pundit gets paid.

“I’m mad as Hell and I’m not going to take this anymore!”

Unless, of course you really don’t not care…