Tuesday, January 17th, 2017

I didn’t win a billion dollars…but

illion dollar bracket challenge, but my final four (Florida, Arizona, Iowa State and Louisville) is still intact (so far).  One side of my bracket looks pretty good….I have a perfect West region and only lost Duke in the Midwest region. I had Duke eventually losing to Michigan in the Sweet 16.

In the East, I incorrectly selected George Washington and Cincinnati to win their first round games, but had both losing their next game. Unfortunately, I had St. Joe’s winning two games…..still not too bad.

In the South, I picked VCU, New Mexico and Syracuse to make the Sweet 16…with Syracuse advancing to the Elite 8.  So far, I still have the chance to have seven of my eight teams advancing to the Elite 8.

Had I actually bet some money this year and filled out a bracket at work (like I have done every previous tear), I may have actually won a good chunk of money, instead, I will just brag about my great bracket to friends. I did put down $10 for an NCAA square and have won a grand total of $10 so far, so at least there’s that.

Don’t ruin a good thing…

The NFL is getting a little greedy and trying to change some elements of the game and add more TV coverage.

First, they will raise the height of the goalposts on both sides five feet to make it easier to tell if a kick has gone through. This one makes sense to me. However, they will also experiment moving the extra point to the 20 (around a 37 yard kick) during the first two preseason games. I get that the extra point is pretty much automatic, but it is a part of football, why change things now?

They have also signed a deal with CBS to air Thursday night football. As a football fan, I’m excited about another night of football (I have a feeling my wife may not agree), however, I feel that the NFL is going to start over doing it with football coverage. Remember how exciting Sundays were during football season? Pretty soon, you’ll be able to watch football any day of the week and it will lose its luster.

This week Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban said he thought the NFL would implode in ten years.

Cuban said, “I’m just telling you, when you’ve got a good thing and you get greedy, it always, always, always, always, always turns on you. That’s rule number one of business.” He later added other NFL problems to his list including player safety and off-field behavior.

While I don’t think that the NFL will implode, I do think that if they keep making changes to the game and continue to make decisions based on how they can make more money, they will start losing a very dedicated fan base.