Tuesday, January 17th, 2017

Hillary Clinton vs Chris Christie

The battle for the 2016 run for the White House is gearing up to be a real  slug-fest. Not by the two current frontrunners, but rather by their swarms of spin doctors, media pundits and those who have already entrenched themselves in democrat-republican philosophy of some sort.

The recent polls have former First Lady, former New York Senator, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as the definite front runner for the Democrats and New Jersey Governor  Chris Christie as the Republican challenger for the Nation’s top spot.

If you listened to the news, polls and Republicans, the Bengazi attack where four Americans were killed in Libya is Clinton’s boat anchor. Since she was Secretary of State at the time of the attack and since the warning signs by the State Department were somehow ignored, then it is all Hillary’s fault.

Likewise, the closing of the bridge lanes between New Jersey and New York over the George Washington Bridge, apparently orchestrated by a Christie aide, are his Achille’s Heel.

Right after both incidents, polls pronounced hits on the demo and rep possible presidential candidates in 2016.

I hate political spin doctors, those sideline people who try to bring down the other side’s party with additional tidbits of useless information. I also hate both side’s wagon jumpers who find new fault in the leadership skills of either Clinton or Christie. She is aloof, he is a bully. He is overweight, she dresses funny. He should have known what all his aides were doing, she should have known every aspect of consulate security.

As a matter of fact, both Clinton and Christie should bring some fresh air to Washington. Clinton could be the first woman President and bring a new perspective to the job. She has all the qualifications to run this Country and would do an excellent job.

Christie has the toughness to change some of the stale politics that have weighed Washington down, especially for the past several years. He too would be an excellent President of the U.S.

Now, as for their respective party cronies  – they will, over the next year and a half, blast away at whomever the opposite front runner is at the time. I find it amazing that with all the rhetoric, closet skeleton hunting, microscope evaluations, anyone would want to run for President, especially since they have to run the two year gamut leading up to the party selections

How about if we put away the hatchets and vote on the issues that will form our future for the upcoming decade? The American voters are becoming disfranchised with Washington and  all the crap trying to bring the opposition down. Work together…only if their own political hinnies are on the line.

Moving on….

This week we broke the record for the number of mug shots in the Law & Order section. The list of (alleged)thieves, perverts and wife beaters always amazes me and the number of repeat and family names is also quite baffling.