Tuesday, January 17th, 2017

Government at its dumbest

Last week we held a little shindig at the house for the holiday. Among the crowd of hamburger and hot dog munchers was friend Kenny. Kenny is a vet on full disability and receives his medical care from the Veterans Administration.

There in lies the problem. Both Kenny and myself must go to the hospital every several months for a regular procedure. I go to the doctor’s practice at Newark-Wayne Community Hospital. Ken must travel to Buffalo to the VA Hospital for the same 15 minute test.

Ken does not have to travel to Buffalo for every procedure, just a bunch of them. The government gives Ken the option. He may either drive to Canandaigua where a shuttle bus will pick him up along with several other vets, or he can drive himself and be reimbursed travel expenses.

If Ken opts for the shuttle, he must leave many hours before his scheduled time, get the procedure, then wait until everybody else has finished before the shuttle returns.

Ken told me that vets as far away as  parts of Pennsylvania travel to the Buffalo facility for medical appointments.

This same, inane practice happens with many Wayne County Vets who have to travel to Syracuse, Buffalo and other VA locations for medical procedures and appointments. Mind you, not all vets have to travel beyond the Canandaigua facility, but many do.

The Wayne County Veterans Service Agency has a shuttle van and drivers who make regular trips to far away Vet hospitals.

The U.S. Government, in all their wisdom, devised a whole separate medical system for returning military veterans, thinking they could provide better health care, cheaper than the public sector.

Yeah, and how has that worked out? Well, the recent pile of Vet Administration facilities now under investigation for ‘doctoring’ the scheduling of appointments is only the tip of the iceberg.

Countless billions$$$ is being wasted shoving and shuttling vets from one facility to another to make routine appointments and procedures they could obtain around the block at a family doctor, or facility.

This is a perfect example of the  waste government heaps on the taxpayers and shows the level of thought in creating levels of stupid.

Moving on…ObamaCare…I have several friends who enrolled in the new Obama Care and are grateful to have it. For about $250 bucks a month they have health care they could not afford before.

That is a good thing, but there are so many problems with the system that it will eventually crash under its present format.

The solution? It must be totally reworked and, unlike the previous bill, Congress should really, actually read the bill before voting on it. (Hear that Congressman Maffei)

Meanwhile, Wife Patti and yours truly, pay way over a thousand bucks a month for our health care. Can’t complain anymore, last year with seven operations and a multitude of appointments and procedures, it is estimated my medical bills came in at well over $200,000. At $25 per pop for co-pays, I chalked up out of pocket costs of over $1200.