Tuesday, January 17th, 2017

Some new stuff to announce. We have added a new feature beginning next week, Tinseltown Talks by Nick Thomas. This is not a trash talking expose´ or gossip column. Nick describes his weekly piece as “…of particular interest to older readers, with fond memories of the classic film and TV era, but should also appeal to anyone with a general interest in film and television.”

We are expanding our distribution area, beginning next week (1/11) to shoppers on the western fringe of Wayne County. You will be able to pick up the Times at the Penfield Wegman’s on Penfield Road in Penfield. Other nearby newsstands will be added in the coming weeks. If this move works, expect to see more western fringe stores in Perinton and Webster included in the mix.

Much to my dislike, but with reality closing in, the Times will soon begin including store inserts in both the mail and newsstand editions. This is being done to stay competitive and financially strong in the future. This move was also made possible with our move to a larger format last year.

Moving right along, now I intend to take some shots.

Just about every week we receive a phone call from some distraught person concerning their arrest the night before. This week it came from a guy would was concerned his DWI arrest  would ruin his chance at a new life as he studied to become a nurse. Of course, what he failed to mention was that he entered people’s residences in Newark wearing only underwear in a drunken stupor, then got back in his car and drove off. Just the winning type of caring guy I want as a nurse, one who has total disregard driving around in a 3,000 pound weapon.

Please do not bother to call if you got arrested in Wayne County, or surrounding counties as a matter. I will NOT leave your arrest report/mug shot out of the paper, regardless of how upsetting it would be to your dying grandmother. (Yeah, actually have heard that one.)

Might as well spout out some more. I think people who are involved in hit and runs, especially where alcohol is a chief motivator, are little more than cowards. Last week a Walworth businessman left the scene in Farmington, drove home and was found by State Police totally wasted on his couch at home…coward.

Any idiot who drives drunk is, well, an asshole. I especially like the drivers arrested, who then pose, smiling for their  mug shots. Well, stupid, that DWI arrest will cost you between $6000-$10,000 bucks. Keep smiling!

How about the total scumbags with Felony DWIs under their belts. That means they have prior DWI convictions and still insist on driving drunk. One guy this week (See Law & Order section) not only has a prior DWI conviction, but has another one pending in Lyons. Total piece of crap. Alcoholism, whether called a disease or an affliction, does not give the person a pass when they get behind the wheel of a car.

Domestic violence people are just pond scum. People hitting, threatening a spouse, children, girlfriend, or significant other are real losers.

By the way, shoplifters and especially employees who steal, you’re just plain shit. There, I now have that all off my mind.