Sunday, September 24th, 2017

Enough blame to go around

In the aftermath of the arrests of two parents, who admitted to using crack cocaine for countless hours, all while in the presence of, or driving around with their seven week-old baby, there is blame enough to go around for all.

I am going out on a limb here, but since both parents have a long history of drug use and the baby is only seven weeks old, there is a distinct chance that that baby was born with drugs in his system.

Where were the doctors, nurses, family members, society? This was most assuredly someone else’s problem, somewhere down the chain of human activity.

When police got a grasp on what was happening in the early morning hours last Monday, both parents admitted smoking crack cocaine in the car and in the presence of the baby.
Palmyra Village Judge Terry Rodman called me days after the arrest to inform me that the police never called him for the arraignment, even though the arrests and events leading up to it occurred in the Village of Palmyra. Terry said he most assuredly would have come out for that arraignment.

The mother of the child was arraigned and released on her own recognizance! ?
This after two felony charges, plus Endangering the Welfare of her own child. Yeah, I know, arraignment and bail is to ensure the defendant returns to court, or for protection of the public. I am sure the baby felt more secure in the arms of the mother in this case.(?)

The father was arraigned and remanded to jail on $250 cash/$500 bond. He drove the child around the City of Rochester until both he and the baby’s mother ran out of drugs and money and drove back to Williamson, then to the Town of Manchester before ending up in the Village of Palmyra at 4:49 a.m. on Monday. He probably was still a bit high after being released from jail hours later. A lot of good bail did in protecting the public.

Along the way several friends joined the parents in the drive-around. Of course, the guy from Manchester got up in the middle of the night to drive from Manchester to Palmyra – so two very-questionable, stolen/forged checks could be deposited in his account. He told police he thought that after getting $60 for this effort, the rest of the money was going to be used for baby diapers, etc. (??) by these very caring parents. I guess he could have believed that, if, perhaps, brains were dog chow.

I was furious when this story first arrived on my computer. A good portion of the day on Thursday I annoyed police, courts and anyone who listened about my concerns and clarification on the arrests. Yeah, I know, everybody I took shots at has an excuse. I am sure I have made some more frenemies along the way.

That child has about as much chance of making it in this world as a block of moldy cheese. If the crack cocaine has not affected his development…If the parents make a huge turn-around starting now… If relatives have the gonads to confront addiction and the welfare of a baby…If police and courts work together to send a stronger message…

Tell it to that kid in a few years.